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Safest Online Casino Payment Methods

Online Casino There are multiple mediums through which one can deposit as well as withdraw funds from the online sites. These mediums are authenticated and trust worthy. There have not been no fraud cases against them and they are effective and fast. Some big names in this industry are:

  • NETeller:

This company has been the most successful company in New Zealand online casino transactions. In fact, NETeller had controlled 80% of the transactions through gambling since 2005. They were forced to pay 300 million dollars to get out of trouble. Since then they moved to the UK and diversified. Although the revenues of NETeller are not as much as they were, they are still the leaders in online gambling transactions.

  • Moneybookers/Skrill:

Moneybookers is a UK based company that was founded in the year 2001. It was released after NETeller, but the company has expanded out of proportion.

They are controlled by FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the UK so Moneybookers can be considered as a trustworthy site in terms of withdrawing or depositing cash. Recently it has acquired their competitors like Nordea etc., thus expanding their circle. Moneybookers have changed their name to “Skrill” which is their parent company.

  • PayPal:

PayPal has grown since it was bought by Ebay in 2002. In a way PayPal had become the default e-transaction option for the Americans. PayPal does not have much support from the European countries, but it has massive support from the American as well as Asian countries. PayPal is a trusted and safe site for gambling transactions.

  • UseMyBank:

This is a reputed system to transfer funds from your bank to the online casino account. UseMyBank allows funds to be transferred and not withdrawn. This is their only limitation. This is applicable for people residing in Toronto, Ontario and Canada only. The deposit system is instantaneous and fast. English is the only language supported by this bank. Security is their prime concern and care is taken regarding transfer of funds.

  • Giropay

Giropay has an electronic payment method that is supported by over 1500 savings banks and cooperative banks. Giropay has around 13,000,000 bank account holders which include a significant number of accounts of gamblers. If you have a German account, you can set up a Giropay account for online payment facility.

  • Visa:

Visa is the best online electronic payment method for supplying or withdrawing cash. If you don’t mind paying from your credit card, Visa guarantees easy and efficient transfer of funds. Visa is one of the biggest companies that carries out electronic transactions. Visa has a higher chance of working even when you’re Mastercard or American Express fails to work.

  • Wire transfer:

Also called as bank wire transfer, this is the easiest and fastest way of carrying out online transactions. These transactions can be depositing money in the online casino or withdrawing funds from the casino. There have been very less frauds since the wire transfers have been more secure.

This is the complete list of all the ways to either transfer your cash from the bank to the online casino or withdrawing money from the casinos.

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