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Social casino games, a great option to have fun

It is usually easy to recognize what are the ways of entertainment on the web, they are many! And one of the most popular no doubt comes hand in hand with mobile games, these, in particular, do not mix with the rest, and nothing more than the social casino. One of the newest proposals that really has potential. Conventional casinos have always stood out for having, in some way or another, their own established space within the entertainment industry.

This has been forged through intelligence, which gives it a lot of value. And as it is well known, due to the same form of this kind of games, young people have been discarded as potential customers, although there is nothing to worry about when videogames lead this sector of the market worldwide.

As everything changes and new trends do not stop arriving, today is available a more interesting proposal that in fact stands out for being more accessible than usual, and therefore, more secure in the things it does. These are social casinos, and it's really worth knowing them more thoroughly.


What is this game about? casino games

Mostly speaking the users who decide to enter will find this proposal quite similar to the typical card games and that traditionally seen in conventional casinos. Things like slots, poker, bingo, and other similar options.

The differences are subtle within these platforms, such as changes in the design of the games, hidden tricks or varied peculiarities; the thing is that generally what separates one thing from the other, that is, the social casinos of the real casinos, is almost imperceptible when speaking of the pure mechanics of the whole process.

Perhaps the most important feature those players must know before risking trying social casinos is the fact that real money is not used. It is the key that differentiates one option with the other in both physical and digital terms, here it cannot be discussed, and it is an absolute truth.

Many wonders if social casinos at least count money to fund themselves as well as their players, but the answer is a resounding no. Here you use some things called "freemium" that turn out to be some kind of experience, they are downloaded and reproduced without any cost, and you just need to have an application store on hands such as the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the operating system that players use on their devices.

How are social casinos financed?

It is not so complicated to understand; they simply use the same technique that other gaming applications enhance today, with the purchases from the application that users make.

So yes, they depend on small expenses that players make as the game progresses, here real money is used so there is no problem. Mostly those purchases are directed to additional packages of chips that allow participation inmore games , and why not, bet much higher.

As is well known, and is fundamental to a game "freemium" manages to emerge victoriously, you must first establish a fairly specific dynamic consisting of two simple steps: repetition in the games and a restriction that prevents progression or access to certain main functions, these can be both in the game itself and in social functions of course.

After these characteristics are established it is obvious and even necessary, to introduce monetization with purchases in the game application. This will allow the player to completely skip the unpleasant experience of restrictive mechanics, thus climbing the levels or start interacting with other users. This is the key for social casinos to work, especially those of poker.

Can you bet?

In a few words yes, but not as one thinks or would expect since it is not at all practical, it does not go beyond any other type of freemium mobile game, the difference is that the mechanics of the games are more oriented to the center and the front, not as it would be believed since many think that the dynamics would be buried under the traditional.

The free chips are still present to make games daily, as well as rewarding them for carrying out certain special missions, such as reaching a certain number of hands, or connecting with the Facebook account and even watching a video of the promotional items. It is a technique recognized in modern mobile games!

What is the reason why the players keep coming?

It is easy to believe that if there are no bets or real money, people will not like this option and leave it out of boredom, but what a big mistake! Fun is the main engine that moves this type of games; it is an emotion that generates in users the key to everything.

Social casinos are like any other free game application that will be seen by mobile stores, only the biggest difference is that their design resembles that of casinos, an innovative option! The best of both worlds has arrived and has the hallmark that it will make entertainment safe.

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