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Super Times Pay Slot

A new innovative and classic game that is very popular at the moment in Las Vegas is the Super Times Pay slot. This game has been around for a long period of years but has moved to the next level due to the advancement in technology. There are new features, music, graphics and sound packaged in it which makes it far better than the previous one. If you are a lover of any form of the classic game such as 12 Times Pay, 5 Times Pay, Wheel of fortune, triple Diamond and Double Diamond, you will surely find Super Times Pay slot so exciting. Indeed, this slot is an original legend that can be played for cash and also for free of charge.


Where to Play Super Times Pay Slot for Real Money:

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Free, Instant & Real Cash game

Immediately you start playing the Super Times Pay slots, you will discover that the background music and noises are very familiar. These two cannot be misinterpreted for a tune. The sounds are random and commonly found on the IGT slots. What makes Super Times Pay more unique comparing to other classic games that have been in existence for decades is the bonus round. Anyway, new animations and graphics are attractive but as far as the game is concerned, the bonus round is very new. It will be very difficult to really rate the way this game compares to the others in the similar genre and that of its performance in Las Vegas. As good as the game is, it is a little bit digressing from the classic. But, do you think this game is actually ideal for the gamblers of phparene.net game or not?

It is of great interest to take my next adventure to Las Vegas and find out how the Super Times Pay is enjoyed in the place. Also, I will find out how the new classic games fare over in the nearest future. Will the game be able to withstand the test of time just like the original legends of casino based on lands such as Wheel of Fortune and Double Diamond?

Prizes in the Game

Each prize found on the paytable is designed for you as a result of your first spin of the reels as you enjoy the line-stake multiplying the types of prizes together. This includes ten folds of the single bars, twenty folds of the double bars and thirty folds of the triple bars. You can take it up to the high level by going for forty times for the purple of 7’s while fifty times for the red of 7’s. Meanwhile, these prizes can be taken to an additional severe stage if you begin to combine the multipliers with two times in three places line to get one thousand fold of your line stage and 2x + 4x + 2x to get two thousand fold of your line stake.

Nevertheless, multipliers can go wild sometimes and the winning lines can be comprised of 1 or 2 wilds. When it is one wild, you will be given the prize that is multiplied by the multiplier of wild meanwhile, when it is two wilds, then your prize will be multiplied by two multipliers. Look forward to the Super Symbols that show on the bars and 7’s because 3 of these on the reels will activate ten free spins whereby most of the prizes will be doubled apart from the top paytable prize that can pay to about five thousand folds of your line stake on the entire five lines. The free spins can as well be reactivated at the course of the initial bonus.

The pays of the Super Times Pays will instantly draw your attention due to the fact that they make the online game more thrilling in addition to huge wins on the horizon. This kind of IGT gaming device will attract you with its multipliers effect which has been renowned to produce money-making results. Hence, take advantage f this and accumulate your wins. In this place, when you are a fan of classic games, you will require all your favorite symbols sevens, bars combining together to make promising opportunities in the free game play. In addition to this, you will come across impressive multipliers; hence this is not just a classical fruit device experience but a slot with the new and huger opportunities. Look forward for the symbols in the game and enjoy your free spins that appear with more multipliers. This will enable you to wrap up your gambling in an impressive manner.

Free Version of Super Times Pays Slots

The multipliers will give the feeling of the free Vegas games which you can access without any download and wins. They range between two times and five times and will surely come in plenty. The symbols of Super times Pays are dark red 7 with a light purple 7 super symbol, a red 7 super symbol and a bars super symbol. All these will make a great difference in your outcomes. If you have three of them, you do not need to bother what to do, all you need is to trigger the free spins and get ten spins reward. There is variation in the payout but the highest reward in the Super Times Pays slot is moneymaking and could reach almost 10000 fold combine with the x2 to x5 multipliers. Therefore, the 2 bonus features that are highly rewarding that will cater for your huge winnings are; multipliers and the free spins which are mentioned earlier.

The free version of this game has the following features to offer even though the symbols are basically classic:

  • Super symbols for huger opportunities with the free spins they will trigger.
  • Winning combinations multiplied by multipliers.
  • Multiplier wins.

If you have achieved your winning with a multiplier or two multipliers that do not form a winning combo of three symbols, then you will need to get any multiplier win that can be found on the paytable. The multiplier symbols that will feature on the second reel include three times, four times and five times.

Software IGT
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 3
Paylines 5
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 25
Max. Bet 50
Jackpot 2000
Slot RTP 94.72%

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