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U-Spin Slot

Are you lovers of big spinning wheels? Then, you will surely know that this is absolutely different from the Wheel of fortune. It is U-Spin games we are talking about here. U-Spin game is appealing in its look and completely different from the other gaming device named “Wheel” games. With the U-Spin, there is no need to press any button before the wheel could be spin. U-Spin is the kind of game that commands the attention of the crowds of 3 or more hanging around the game device waiting nervously to start playing immediately it is available.

Bally has been greatly successful to attain its aim of getting a set of the audience taking part in the functioning of the U-Spin on the V32 cabinet. This game is designed with a huge rectangular and vertical monitor, providing gamers with high levels of thrilling.


U Spin
U Spin

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Spin for Cash

The first game developed by Bally to operate with the U-Spin feature is the Cash Spin. This is just a simple game that has 25-paylines and 3-reels. The schedule of payment is averagely conventional and gamers can bet nearly 5 credits per line. The highest bet is two hundred credits, but all the features found in this game could be triggered when all the lines are crossed. This is in addition to a 15 credit bet that is been awarded.

Players will get the base slot very well and find out how interesting it is with a one in three hit frequency. Also, there is the possibility of earning good winnings. When you play the features of iReels, the Money Bag symbols can be found on your reels together with the more traditional reel images. Gamers can trigger the obvious screen of the video by the scattering of the money bag images anywhere on the reels. As soon as the screen is triggered, each of the reels becomes a monitor of the video and showing the money earns. The value of the credit that you earn will be based on any of the three you choose. Your win could be within the range of 3 and 50 credits multiplied by the entire bets put on all the paylines. The payout median in this game happens once in a while in every 70 spins you made and pays nearly 10x the entire bet.

Possible Outcomes of the Feature of U Spin

The typical practical wheels could result in 3 other possible outcomes. The feature that is of most interest in this game appears when the reel number 33 gets the image of U-Spin. The truth of the matter is that the gamers can feel the screen with their two hands and spin the huge wheel. There are twenty-two slices on the virtual wheel and among them are the prize credits which range from 200 to 5000 with the two jackpots. The minor reset is at one hundred dollars while the major reset is at five thousand dollars in addition to the free games.

When you land on the slice of the free games, you will be earning 12 free games and the entire payouts apart from the highest jackpot will also be doubled. However, the bonus round has extra features that are very cool which will let you claim a U-Spin bonus or Money bag round when free spins are being played. In case you earn the free games when spinning the U-Spin, you have the tendency of winning the extra jackpot. Grossly, the feature could be helpful in claiming 60 free games thereby making it the best free spin features of the gamblers all over the world.

The game is designed in such a way that the players will have the opportunity to win the huge bet. The feature of the U-Spin is found in the casinos played on land which has increased in the popularity. If you go to a casino shop with the aim of playing a game that has the feature, ensure that the Bonus Active of the U-Spin which is a big button located at the right side of the screen is hit to trigger it. By doing this, it will ensure that the 15 credit is automatically included. You will see that the more you bet, the more you win. You can win huge cash with little wagers because if you bet around 5 credits per line, it will offer the best chance of winning massively from the wheel of U-Spin.

Game Design

The graphics of the U-Spin game are fundamental even though it has bright and vibrant colors. The symbols of the game are of playing denominations of the card which ranges from 9 down to the card symbol of Ace. Other symbols include the diamond icons, emeralds, dollars icon, and rubies. Transparently, the aim of the game is to concentrate on the items that reflect wealth and treasures. The U-Spin is the outline of the Cash Spins in the wheel of fortune feature. This is shared in U- Spin on the internet version of Bally game. When you land the symbol of U-Spin on reels one, three and five in a spin, then there will be activation of the feature while the player has the opportunity to spin that dreamed huge wheel that is full of prizes. You can spin as you click and drag or better still touch the screen when played on the mobile phone and gamblers will have to wait to know where it ends.

The possible prizes are twelve to sixty free spins of two times multipliers and prizes shown in the credits of the casino. The bonus of Money Bag which is other feature found in this game is activated with 3 bonus symbols while the Money Bag gives the players cash gifts that worth three times to fifty times the whole stake. Cash spin gives a return To Players 94.15 percent and fifty times the whole bet in the feature of Money bag. The U-Spin games developed by Bally have other things you can enjoy such as Michael Jackson, Golden Pharaoh and Vegas Hits.

Software Anisworth
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 100
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 10000
Slot Themes Asian, Fantasy
Slot RTP 94.3%

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