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What Are the Most Popular Casino Games?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of casino games. If you can bet on it, it’s a casino game somewhere. A whole crowd of them assaults you every time you walk in a casino door. A few specific games, though, catch on with the majority of players. Excitement, game play, payback—all of these draw people in or drive them away.

So, which games in this crowd stand out? We’ve done the research for you to compile the list of the most popular casino games.


1. Slotsslot

By any measure, slot machines head the popularity list. Almost HALF of all casino players (49% to be exact) rank slots as their favorite casino game, which is more than triple the percentage of the closest competitor. A jaw-dropping 58% of casino revenue comes from slots alone.

It’s easy to figure out why:

  • Slot machines are the easiest and fastest game to play in a casino
  • There’s no skill involved
  • A first-timer is just as good at slots as the most grizzled pro
  • Fast game play
  • Exciting graphics
  • Regular payouts

What’s to lose? Well, money.

Of the seven most popular casino games, slots have the highest house edge, somewhere between 5% and 10%. Still, if you find a machine with the right payout structure, the entertainment value of slots is easily worth the cost. Add in comps and bonuses, and there’s a reasonable chance you’ll come out ahead!

2. Blackjack

Around 15% of casino-goers rank blackjack as their favorite casino game, making it by far the most popular casino table game. Why?

  • The game is easy to learn
  • Betting is basic
  • Game play is fast
  • The wins come in short, regular intervals

Blackjack is also a game of skill—a skill that can be mastered by memorizing a hand-by-hand strategy. Playing with a strategy reduces the house edge enough to make the game profitable if you factor in bonuses and comps.

However, blackjack’s simplicity is the downfall of many players. Thinking winning will come easy is a sure-fire way to lose money. If you’re going to sit at a blackjack table, prepare yourself:

  1. Study the variations of blackjack rules and payouts These variations can cost you at the table.
  2. Look over hand-by-hand strategies and memorize at least one of them.
  3. Pick out the table with rules and payout variations that produce best payout.
  4. Finally, play by the strategy you memorized.
  5. If it’s fun to win, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself playing.


Six percent (6%) of players rank poker as their favorite casino game. There are many versions of the game. The most popular versions are:

  • 3-card Poker
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Pai Gow
  • Texas Hold’em

When survey-takers say poker is their favorite game, they usually mean one of these lower-skill versions.That being said, every version of poker involves some level of skill. Players must be good at knowing poker hands and their probability, even if they’re playing alone and not against other people.

Just like any multiplayer game, you should not go near a low-skill poker game until you’ve mastered an appropriate hand-by-hand strategy


Close to poker in popularity is roulette, the game of choice of 5% of casino game players. Roulette offers excitement and fast game play. The opportunity for a big payout, as high as 36 to 1, makes the game a destination for players looking for an adrenaline rush.

It’s also a game of pure chance and requires no skill. Place a bet and you’re done. Be warned, however. The house edge in roulette is high – a whopping 5%. While skill is not a factor, learning roulette betting strategies can help you take a chunk out of that house edge.

5. Video Poker

Coming in at 5th popularity is video poker, preferred by 5% of casino players. When you consider video poker’s benefits, it’s surprising that it’s not higher on the list (though it is growing in popularity).

  • Video poker is the only game in the casino where it’s not only possible to beat the house, it’s probable.
  • The house edge for good players is very small.
  • For some payout structures, the house edge is negative. You read that right. The casino almost always loses money to good players on some video poker machines.

Video poker is a standard five-card-draw poker game. The player’s only goal is to form the best five-card poker hand. While luck is involved, video poker rewards players who consistently use a hand-by-hand strategy optimized for the payouts specific to that machine.

So do your homework. Find the machines with payouts that produce the lowest house edge. Then go online and find a hand-by-hand strategy for the machine you’re using. If you are entertained by winning money, then video poker is hands down the most entertaining casino game you’ll find

6. The Final Two Most Popular Casino Games

Rounding out the top seven most popular casino games are craps (4%) and sports book betting (2%).

Like roulette, craps is a game of pure chance. However, it’s not an easy game to learn. The rules can be confusing and the outcomes hard to sort out. As a result, betting in craps involves knowledge and skill.

Similarly, betting on sports takes significant knowledge to do right. Unlike most casino games, sports betting involves a very slow turnaround—sometimes days. So why are sport books so popular?

  • People love sports and competition
  • Adding a bet to a game or race increases the adrenaline rush and interest
  • It allows people to use their intimate knowledge of a sport to make money

Keep in mind, though, that you must deposit money to join an online sports book, so that money can be tied up for quite some time.

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