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Ten Exciting Online Casino Games To Play

PHA-Au-11Casino games are great fun. Some play for money, some for pure entertainment while there are a lot who play for both the things. Entertainment is guaranteed in all sorts of casino game. Since the advent of technology, so much variety came into the casinos. Specially, in the online casinos a lot of variety is there to be seen. When you have variety then obviously you will never get bored. If you think that one particular game is getting boring and it isn’t lucrative money wise then sky is the limit really as gamblers have so many options to choose from.

Ten exciting online casino games to play:

There are numerous types of online casino games and all of them have some element of enjoyment and entertainment. Everybody has their own choice and selection of games which is based on their preferences and comfort level with the game. The following is a list of top ten exciting games which will ensure that you have the entertainment of your lifetime.

  1. Bingo – Bingo is a popular casino game where the players strive to match the numbers on their cards with the randomly selected number. It is about a 5 x 5 matrix of cards where each column of the matrix corresponds to the letters B I N G O. The first person who succeeds in making the BINGO formation is announced as the winner of the game.
  2. Baccarat – Player, Tie and Banker are the three options available for players in the exciting game of Baccarat. Each of the participating players is first required to place their bet. After that, each of them is dealt with two separate cards where one corresponds to the Banker and the other to the player hand. The card numbers are then added and the 10 is dropped. If the total becomes 10 then it is a 0 or Baccarat. The winner in this game would be the one who has the higher of the two hands.
  3. Wheel of Fortune – The game has about 6 symbols shown on the table and each of the participating players are required to place their bets on the symbols. The wheel used in this game has got 52 one and the same sections which are separated by pins around the edge. When the wheel comes to a halt, then it is between two pins. The players who bet on the winning symbols or sequence eventually win the game and the bets as well.
  4. Keno – Keno is a simple lottery game which is very popular and exciting too. The player is given a card which is numbered from one to eighty. 20 numbers are then selected in the card along with a wager. The player who gets the maximum numbers in the draw conducted wins the game.
  5. Pai Gow Poker – It is a fantastic game which players play against the house rather than the participating players. 7 cards are dealt among each player and they try to make the best possible poker hand. The one who succeeds in making the best poker hand wins the game.
  1. Roulette – Roulette is probably the most played game and it requires the player to place chips on the table where they want to wager. The wheel is spun along with a ball in the opposite direction. The number that corresponds to the number on the table wins.
  2. Slots-Slots is another very popular game with a lot of enthusiastic fans Worldwide. It has wheels and symbols and the gamblers wager over the symbols and the wheel is spun. The one that corresponds with the wagering symbol wins the game.
  3. Black Jack – Black Jack is a fun card game which is all about number 21. Each of the participating players is dealt with three cards. The one who is closest to 21 but not over in total wins the game. There is a minimum limit too, which is usually set at 17 by most of the online casinos.
  4. Craps – it is an exciting and a high energy dice game which revolves around the number 7. It has a number of places to bet and then the dice is rolled. The one who placed the bet at the nearest spot to 7 wins the game.
  5. Poker – Poker is a card game which involves 5 cards. There are different combinations which the players need to try. The one with the best hand wins the game.

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