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Youtube in favor of Gaming Channels

YouTube, one of the most famous video platforms and with millions of registered users, announced the news that it would revoke the ban on gaming channels a month after its ban was announced. However, the reason was never known and no explanation was given, apparently, the channels with the most visits and those preferred by the community, made videos where they presented a considerable number of hours in games, some with casino themes and others simply online games, which the platform claims violate the agreements that are known among the community of users and that video bloggers have an obligation to comply with.


Most Famous Social Network

Being one of the most famous social networks, the news quickly went viral, which meant that thousands of users questioned the sudden suspension of these channels. At the beginning of June, the platform sent emails to affected channels, alleging that the suspension was due to repeated infractions. Those involved claim to have been impressed with the news because it was the first time they heard about that error, where therefore they had little chance to amend it since according to many claims YouTube does not usually respond to such inquiries.

The Emails

The emails that said social network sent emphasized that the platform does not allow any type of content that encourages or promotes violence and dangerous acts that lead to serious tax damage or in some cases to death. A clear example of them is the publication of videos that insist on drug abuse, alcohol drinks in underage adolescents, cigars or bomb making.

However, when dealing with games of chance and casinos, the platform does not mention any of the prohibited content such as the aforementioned in which the incitement to violence is evident, therefore there would be no violation of its policy. This was what I call the most attention of the millions of users that the platform has in favor and the reason why the news quickly became viral.

Famous Video Platform

However, many sources say that this is not the first time that this famous video platform takes drastic measures sanctioning channels without giving any explanation. By the beginning of 2018 YouTube would have made changes in terms of monetization policies. This brought great unfavorable changes to the creators of channels where they could earn money through ads, because now these new measures, would require the You Tubers maintain a large number of subscribers to keep their ads, this of course generated a lot of discontent among the users of the most famous channels, however there was a public outcry and they managed to get the notices reinstated again and the game channels were restored as they once were

One of the You tubers Brian Christopher, is the owner of one of the most famous casino gaming channels, was affected by this problem and said he was thinking about leaving YouTube but keep his followers on Facebook, says the platform of most famous videos put all his public relations in danger, so migrating to Facebook seemed to be the best alternative to keep his audience calmer before the drastic measure of YouTube and in this way he could continue doing his job.

How to Create Youtube Channel and Subscribegaming channel

The sanctions consisted in completely closing affected accounts and inhibiting their owners from creating other YouTube accounts so that those casino gaming channels that had billions of subscribers were paralyzed and therefore prevented their owners from earning money. This is due to the fact that according to the number of followers that a channel has, it can provide its owner with the possibility of negotiating a product or services whenever it is related to casino games.

However, suddenly these sanctions were reestablished, which left many users of social networks stunned, as it was possible that after a drastic measure, the platform now wants to reverse these punishments Because this conflict was resolved mainly by the intervention of the current president of Russia. The Internet Association in Russia is one of the main ones in manifesting its complaint regarding the automatic announcements of games of casinos that YouTube reproduces before a video. What led to the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) of Russia making a request to the company that owns YouTube, Google itself could grant the blocking of advertising in their country.

Last year, a new law was signed, creating a blacklist of gaming operators whose services are offered in Russia but are not registered there or based in the country. However, it was not until January of this year that this decision came into force.

However, in April of this year, an operation was carried out in which drastic measures were taken against more than 250 websites where these have illegal advertisements of casino games and online games with bets, led by the Federal Service of Russia for the Supervision of Communications at the request of the Federal Service of Tax. This in order to eradicate each portal that offers illegal services, because it had received in the first 3 months of the year, almost 90,000 thousand complaints about these websites where online bets are made.

Internet: The Simple Social Network

The drastic sanctions that YouTube has taken, it has made clear a message, and that a channel can be successful for its content and have thousands of subscribers, but if the dream is not able to control it then it will have no choice but to lose it.

Undoubtedly the influence of social networks in the world of the Internet is extraordinary, a simple news can become viral very quickly among users and involve many people and make influential people involved in the matter. This makes it very clear that social networks can provide multiple benefits and make you earn a lot of money if they offer good content or if you know how to win the public, but at the same time you can generate large losses if you know how to control it. It is very important to note that today many people, mostly teenagers, stop studying a career to dedicate themselves to the work of You Tubers because they see it more profitable, practical and productive to earn money in this way

Even many have achieved fame, making them known not only by this social network but also by Facebook and Instagram to achieve success. But this story has two faces and the other is that many have seen the failure to such an extent that their accounts are closed or that they do not achieve the sufficient popularity required to make money for this platform.

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