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Know More About Mobile Casinos

If you’re like many people, you use your smartphone or tablet more often than you use a laptop or desktop PC. So it would be a lot easier and more enjoyable to be able to play and bet on your favorite online casino games right on your mobile phone or tablet.

It’ll be easier, but is it safe? Are mobile casinos legitimate? Do they have the same games? The same rules?


Are There Differences Between Mobile and Online Casinos?Know More About Mobile Casinos

Naturally, by definition, a mobile casino is an online casino. A mobile casino is one that either a) modified its website to display on tablet or smartphone browsers, or b) developed its own app to run on those devices.

Either way, almost all mobile casinos have an online, full browser version of the site. If they do, you can use your account to play on any device.

In every other respect, mobile casinos work just like online casinos.

  • They have almost all the online slots, table games, and live games you find in online casinos.
  • They have the same casino bonuses.
  • They have the same online casino deposit and withdrawal rules.

Are Mobile Casinos Safe?

All the same tips and safeguards you employ for playing safely on online casinos apply to playing on mobile casinos. This is because, as with online casinos, some mobile casinos are legitimate while others are operated by crooks. There are a number of safety measures to take with mobile casinos you can take to ensure a mobile gambling site is above-board.

Keep in mind that playing on a mobile device may be less safe than playing on a laptop or desktop. While your computer is more vulnerable to being targeted by hackers, there are two unique security concerns particularly associated playing online through a mobile device:

  • Apps can be unsafe

When installing an app, the app typically requests or requires permission to access data on your phone, including personal data and data from other apps. It’s possible to download a rogue online casino app that steals important data. Additionally, it’s possible (and maybe far more likely) that you’ll download another app that steals data from your casino app.

Mobile Casino Gambling Tip: Always set your firewall to its highest settings to prevent rogue – and even legitimate – apps from broadcasting your data.

  • Mobile devices are easier to steal

Portability makes a mobile device a tempting target for thieves. Always keep your mobile devices secure and locked with a strong password.

Mobile Casino Gambling Tip: Do not allow any casino app to automatically log you in when the app opens. Especially if you have children in the house.

Do You Need an App to Play at a Mobile Casino?

A mobile casino will either require a separate, downloaded app or offer a mobile version of its website. If there’s a mobile Web browser version, you do not need to download an app.

Most mobile casinos work on both platforms. However, some will have mobile browser versions but still require that you download the app before you can play any games.

Which Is Better, the Mobile Browser or App Version?

Short answer: you can use either platform.

Which gaming experience is better depends on how the casino designed its browser version and its app.

Because the browser version is dependent on the browser and plug-in technology, it will usually work less dependably than the app version.

The mobile app will also be easier to see and navigate, which can give you a better gaming experience overall.

Which Is Better, Full Online or Mobile?

On a mobile casino it often is harder to find your way around.

The app and mobile browser versions will both have the same navigation as the full browser version, but it’s harder to find and navigate the menus in the mobile version. In some cases, you may need to swipe left to even see menu items important to you, such as promotions.

However, after a few times – and maybe a couple of phone calls to their help line – you’ll master the navigation. At that point, the mobile version is as easy to use as the full browser version – and maybe easier because of its portability.

Are Bonuses Different in a Mobile Casino?

Typically, all the casino bonuses offered in the online version of the casino are available to mobile players.

However, some online casinos offer additional mobile bonuses for downloading and playing from a mobile app.

How Do I Make Deposits or Withdraw Funds from a Mobile Casino?

Deposits and withdrawals work identically to the online version of the casino. You may need to install apps specific to the financial institutions you’re using.

How Do I Play Games in a Mobile Casino?

Game play is identical to the online version of the games. It may be smaller and harder to see, but you’ll get used to that.

Slots are never a problem. In fact, most online slots are now designed to work primarily on mobile devices and then scaled up for the online version. Live games, such as poker, are usually not as easy to play on a mobile device.

Will I Lose Money in a Mobile Casino?

The lure of a mobile casino is that you can play any time you want.

For example, you’re sitting in a subway car or bus, you’re bored, so why not take a few spins at Gonzo’s Quest?

It’s a bad idea.

Because of the house edge and the mathematics of the grind, the more and longer you gamble, the more you lose. The entertainment value of “anywhere, anytime” mobile gambling can quickly become very costly.

The best way to gamble is to gamble with a schedule and a budget.

You should never gamble online simply because you have nothing better to do. If you do, the answer to your question is YES. Playing with that little regard for your wallet, you will lose money. A lot of money.

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