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Blackjack Dos and Don’ts

Dos and Don’ts for Winning Blackjack Online

Winning money at blackjack at an online casino appears simple at first:  beat the dealer and don’t bust. After all, blackjack has some of the more favorable odds of all casino games for players.

However, winning at blackjack combines luck in drawing good card combinations with a strategy that includes knowing the probability of whether the good card you want will be drawn. If you follow these ‘Dos and Don’ts,’ you will increase your chances of winning real money at blackjack online.


Choosing the Best Online Blackjack Casinos to PlayBlackjack

While online casinos are popular and, of course, easy to find, there are some basic guidelines to follow to find the best online blackjack casinos so you have a positive playing experience.

 Choose a reputable online blackjack casino with good customer support by reading casino reviews.
 Learn the terms and conditions of any welcome bonuses and other bonuses that online casinos offer for playing blackjack and other casino games. Read up on the wagering requirements needed to withdraw your winnings.
 Visit the online casinos that let you practice blackjack for free to sharpen your skills before you play for real money.


 Don’t pay for a betting system that guarantees winning.
 Don’t use bonus money, if possible, since online casinos make players wager a specific number of times before cashing out the bonuses.
 Don’t feel tied to any one online casino. Try different casinos until you find one that seems to be the right fit for you and offers the most favorable terms and best blackjack bonus offers.

Using Casino Software

Software will influence a player’s gaming experience by mimicking the ambiance of a casino and providing useful data. There are a number of companies that supply the world’s best online casinos with reputable blackjack gaming platforms.


 Try an online casino’s blackjack software before you play with real money.
 Use software to keep record of wins, losses, and how much money you’ve spent. Use the data to track the total number of hands you’ve played and determine if you are using a winning blackjack strategy. If the data is not favorable, you might want to change strategy.
 Don’t be concerned about malware, spyware, or viruses that could potentially slow down your game. Online casino software has been in use since the mid-90s, and online casinos know they must be trustworthy or they’ll lose players (and thus revenue).

Preparing to Win at Online Blackjack

Your chances of winning at blackjack are higher than at other online casino games. The house edge for online blackjack or video blackjack is about 0.5% when you use an effective basic strategy. That means for every $100 you bet, you’ll lose about 50 cents. For players who are not well-versed, the house edge can definitely rise to about 2%, so it pays to learn the best strategies.
*Note: These figures are based on a high number of hands being dealt and played.

Varieties of Online Blackjack Games

Online casinos offer a wide variety of blackjack games, and each can differ slightly. Get informed before playing.

  • Know how the rules vary from game to game.
  • Classic Blackjack, also known as American Blackjack, has simple rules that are easy to learn.
  • Understand that mobile Blackjack uses Android and iOS devices, and investigate how that affects your play.
  • Understand the other popular online blackjack games and their different rules.
  • European Blackjack
  • You cannot surrender;
  • a dealer must hit on a soft 17; and
  • you may only double with a 9, 10, or 11.
  • Spanish 21 or Pontoon
    • All 10s are removed from the four to eight card shuffle.
  • Vegas Style Blackjack (also called 21st Century Blackjack)
    • Not as easy to find online, but
    • you don’t automatically lose if you bust.

Live Streaming Blackjack

Live Blackjack uses live-streaming so the dealer appears in person. A livestream experience uses sound and video to closely resemble the in-person atmosphere you experience at a brick-and-mortar casino.


  • Know the different minimum and maximum bets.
  • Know key terms including Hit, Split, Double Down, and Stand.
  • Learn the breakdown of the optimal way to play every possible situation based on the house’s rules. Create blackjack cheat sheets as a guide for decision-making.
  • Develop a basic strategy.
  • Understand the difference between a Hard Hand and a Soft Hand to inform your strategy.
    • A Hard Hand is one that risks going bust, while a soft hand can be improved upon without the risk of going over 21.


  • Don’t play where your minimum bet has to be large. Stay with what is comfortable.
  • Don’t bother trying to count cards in an online casino. Card counters need to watch the dealer and know how many decks there are.
  • Don’t be overly cautious by always standing pat on hard totals of 12 or more. Such play is harmful in the long run and results in a vigorish of approximately 4%.
  • Don’t use bonus money if possible.
  • Don’t think blackjack is all about luck. Master a basic strategy.
  • Don’t take insurance if you’re not skilled.
    • Insurance is a side bet that always pays 2:1 and occurs when the dealer has an ace showing as the first card. The odds are heavily against a dealer making a blackjack, typically about 9:4, and you could lose money in the long run.
  • Don’t try to reach 21 just play to beat the dealer.
  • Don’t bet high when on a winning streak. Having consecutive winning hands does nothing to ensure the next hand will be a winner.
  • Don’t quit just because you’ve lost. A good player learns how to ride out losses on the way to more wins.

Paying attention to the blackjack Dos and Don’ts is an important step toward developing a basic strategy and mastering blackjack online. The more you practice and pay attention to specific situations, the more you’ll increase your chances of winning real money while playing blackjack on a video platform or live-streaming casino.

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