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Play Cash of Kingdoms Slot Game - Free Bonus & Spins


Since you start seeing the symbols that this game has, you will most likely want to know more about its main features. All this slot game honors the champions who use the swords, the archers and the amazing wizards. All these symbols want to show without a doubt that Clash of Clans styles can be given to get a lot of money.

Of course, each of the symbols is part of a line that will certainly help you win. As mentioned at the beginning the bonus functions are not entirely original depending on the casino chosen. All animation including sound is oriented towards fantasy, showing an epic story of men who are amazing.

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Cash of Kingdoms Slot Screenshots

Slots of Kingdoms

Since you start playing this game you can show that you will earn more money than you could ever imagine effortlessly. The best thing about casino games is that they offer an unparalleled way to earn money and also have fun. Everything that hides this slot has to do with sacks of gold, rogue thieves and also the heroic knights.

What is expected in this game are 5 knights that join so you can start winning. In other words, what this game counts is that these knights go after the treasure hunt and their fame. Each of the rows of the game represents a gentleman although you can reduce it to 5 rows if you prefer.

Having 15 paylines is very difficult to miss when you don’t have the experience you need. Of course, if you have been interested in getting informed, it is because you want to know how to get the best out of this. The invadingWilds is a totally new theme that allows a large pot of 100,000 coins to be made.

Perfect Design

Its perfect design allows people around the world to play for free and then place real bets. The way the victories were distributed allows the player to make a player return of up to 96.28%. The return is due in particular to the slot games give many prizes so you do not miss so much.

Software Microgaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 15
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds Wild Symbol Multipliers Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.15
Max. Bet 480
Jackpot 80
Slot RTP 96.28%

Even if a result is not what is expected there is always something that can be done about it. In addition, the game allows you to win up to 230 times the original bet once it is advanced. The wild cards are easily represented by the name of the game, and the treasure chest symbols represent the Scatter.

This game seems to be closed but nevertheless, even if you don’t take the line from the gentlemen, you can always make a profit this game has its greatest design focus on forever changing the way you view slot games.

Positive Functions

The best thing about this game is that you can start with a virtual currency bet and then increase. The top of the coins is 32, but in this aspect, it is due to bets that are higher. The price of the coins depends directly on the local currency of the casino that uses this game under its domination.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is any of the 3 symbols that coincide is a reason to win. The positive results are placed from left to right in the payment table to make reading easy. Each icon has a score being the highest Knight, Archer or Rogue giving better scores when they leave.

Of course, when you combine 5 and not three reels, you have higher levels to win a bet. Each time rollers 2 and 4 show Wilds they can give a bonus that an adjacent reel could show.

Feature Set

The first thing that identifies Cash of Kingdoms is its 15 payment lines that give you a chance to win. Absolutely everything that is won in this game can be seen from left to right and vice versa. One of the most focused possibilities of this game is the Invading Wilds that allow you to win more easily.

When this feature is activated, not only reels 2 and four benefits, but also the center reels. In these cases, the center reel is usually filled with wild cards that give you prizes to use at times. Free spins do not wait in this function when they leave the treasure chest 3 or more times.

It is necessary to show that the chances of winning in this game are quite high already when you know rules. The graphic animations of this game are due in particular to a union between Microgaming and SlingshotStudios improving a lot.

Value ofthe Betting and Gaming Network

Entering the theme of the visual fantasy of this game, everyone who makes bets can feel much more motivated. The amounts of the bets depend on the type of currency that is handled when the player chooses an affiliated casino. Microgaming is a company that cares a lot about doing its best so that all players can have possibilities.

Having the option of playing 3 or 5 reels is easy to hurdle, obtaining benefits that you can use soon. The casinos that distribute this game are approved, therefore your money is protected by the best banking system. Whether you want to act like a knight or a sorcerer you can always take prizes home without wasting time.

Given that you have a high return for profit you can have a large amount of money invested back. When you see the rules of the game in the casino that you want to play with, you will know that your victory will be. Before you think you will be an expert in this slot game that has given a lot to choose from.

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