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Play Isis Slot Game - Free Bonus & Spins


Isis slot game is one of the most intricately designed slot games in recent times. Since its launch, the online slot game has gained popularity not only because of its captivating design but also due to the exclusive features it provides. It is highly encrypted, secure, and allows online players to transact on the website through the most commonly used payment channels. Whether it is fixing the bets, or spinning the wheel, the features are easy to locate and simple to use. Not only this, but the Isis slot game also adds royalty to the game playing experience, with its Egyptian theme.

Isis slot game is one of the few games that leaves an unforgettable impression even if you visit it for once. It has the power to hold you back or recall to the slot with elegance and simplicity. With exclusive features and almost perfect design, the huge winnings seem to be an added bonus for the experience you get while spinning your luck to the favorable side. Let us look at the design and features of this classic slot game in detail below. Read on.

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Isis Slot Screenshots

isis slot game
isis slot game

Isis Slot Game: Theme and Soundtrack Review

Inspired by the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the slot game looks marvelous with its rich purple background. Goddess Isis is believed to be a symbol of life and protection. The rich pastel background is covered with an Egyptian backdrop decorated by palm trees, beautiful clouds, and a few sacred pyramids. Some of these elements are covered by colorful reels that provide a clear visible space for online players to track the different symbols appearing on the reels.

The most surprising thing about the Isis slot game is that it does not keep playing the soundtrack in the background. The only sound that is available in the game is the sound you hear when you spin the reels but believe us that sound is calming like nothing before. The developers at Microgaming have used neat graphical elements to ensure that everything is visible clearly to the players. In simple words, the Isis slot game is a perfect example of how simple things can attract more online players than elaborate animations and complex graphics. Kudos to the designers for delivering an experience rather than just design.

Features of Isis Online Slot Game

The best feature of the Isis slot game is the ‘tick’ button that pops up when you click the three horizontal tiles placed on the top right-hand corner of the slot machine.  The ‘tick’ button is called the ‘Playtick button’ and allows online players to visit their gaming sessions instantly.

Software Microgaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 25
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds Wild Symbol Multipliers Scatters Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 0.25
Jackpot 2000
Slot RTP 95.22%

This helps you asses your bets and winnings while simultaneously playing the game. The other popups that appear on clicking the three horizontal tiles include the home button, information center and the help center.

The most used button in the Isis online slot game is the Spin button that looks like a refresh button. It allows you to spin the reels once. Above that, there’s another button that allows you to activate the ‘Autoplay’ feature. This feature helps you save effort on spinning the wheel again and again. You can set a prefixed number of automatic spins and save yourself from unnecessary hitting the spin button again and again. Another important feature of the Isis slot game is the bet size adjustment button. It enables you to adjust the coin size as well as the bet size individually on bets that you place on the reels.  The features are simple to use and enable maximum personalization with minimum complexity.

Symbols and Rewards in Isis Slot Game

The symbols used in the five reels as well as symbols used to highlight the features of the game perfectly combine with the Egyptian-inspired theme and ensure a seamless gameplay experience. The most powerful symbol of the game is Goddess Isis. She is the wild symbol in the game and can replace all symbols on the reels except the scatter symbol. When you land more than 2 wild symbols on the reels or form a combination with other symbols in the game, you double your payout. The scatter symbol in the game is the royal Eagle. Scatter triggers free spins in the game depending on the number of scatter symbols. You get 20, 25, and 30 spins when you land 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols.

The other symbols in the Isis slot game include the Eye of Horus, mummy, the symbol of life and deck cards A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. These symbols help you form different combinations with the wild symbol and win bonuses. These symbols are the most common appearances on the reels and hence are extremely important for players to form winning combinations. According to Egyptian mythology, Goddess Isis served as a mother and took care of kids, and the sick. She was the mother of God Horus himself. The game seems to be pretty generous in this aspect too and rewards all players with a big heart.

Isis Slot Game: Accessibility Across Screen Sizes

Like any other slot game developed by Microgaming, the Isis slot game is also technically sound and secure for online players. The popular online slot game only demands a working internet connection and a browser to run the website. You can access the entertaining online slot game across all devices that work with the internet including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The graphics, theme and features are compatible across all screen devices and platforms and work seamlessly from wherever you are. The Isis slot game can be played at any time of the day from your home, office, or any other place.

Isis Slot Game: An Egyptian Godfare with Royal Winnings

The legacy of the Egyptian Goddess Isis has been presented by the designers in a compelling manner. This combined with the exclusive feature, ‘Playcheck’ makes Isis a popular choice among game critics and gamers synonymously. The only thing that you need to be sure about before playing Isis is the security of the website that you’ve registered on. Ensure that you see a security ‘https’ certificate before the website’s address in the URL, and read the reviews of already registered online players on the website. When you feel contented and happy to move, you can register for the Isis slot game and start placing your bets in the comfort of your home. Easy gameplay, stunning graphics, unique features, and big winnings make the Isis slot game a must-try. We would suggest anyone reading this review, to play the demo version even when you don’t play online slot games as it is an experience worth it.

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