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Esport Casinos are trendy: Want to know why?

Although it seems that the Esport and the casinos seem to have no link, the more time passes, the casino feel more interested in having competitive games that cause great enthusiasm. In Las Vegas casino, there are special Esport sands, and they have become since sponsoring some of Esport’s biggest teams, so certainly a link has been achieved.

Those who have drawn a lot of attention lately have been the Luxor Casino for adding Esport arenas, although who leads the list as the first sponsor of the Esport casino with a competitive gaming team is the Winstar World Casino. Even many casinos have been inspired by electronic sports since they are perfect for applying skill, in various casino games such as slots.

At this time the games of chance have had some decrease in their income, so the movements of electronic sports have arrived at the exact moment. In the year 2019 in the month of May, the Game Control Unta of Nevada made known some indicators of the gross income of the Las Vegas games, which indicate a 3.5% decrease.


For the year 2019, growth in the competitive gaming industry has been estimated for a figure that exceeds one billion dollars, so electronic games are being taken into account to be maximized.

Las Vegas leads the best esport casino

As you know, the self-proclaimed city as the capital of the best casinos unquestionably is Las Vegas, which is why the United States is not surprising that it has already implemented in the midst of its variety of entertainment electronic sports.

But these game competitions are not new in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Valley hosted the Evolution Championship Series in 2005. The growth of the wrestling tournament was very fast, and thanks to the fact that it has become a large competition.

As electronic sports are becoming more fashionable every day, many of the most recognized casinos on the strip have taken the necessary steps to include games in their own casino. Famous casinos in Las Vegas such as the Grand Center, Luxor,and Cesares, for addicted esport players have made great investments to make their facilities the best place for special arenas.

One of the first casinos that created in special for electronic sports was Caesars. The company released exactly in 2017, a production studio designed to include electronic sports in a 48,000 square foot space.

Already at that time, Caesars was host to a variety of competitive game tournaments that were aimed at the Gears of War titles, well known by the way. And now, as a result of their hard work, today they become the arrival of competitive H1Z1 games in 2018, the first to attract an important esport league.

MGM has short-term plans to develop a special millennium park game so as not to be left out. This project would allow the addition of esport tournaments to electronic betting sports, among which Unikrn brands stand out.

Also, in order to develop an electronic sports center within the casino hotel that has more than 10,000 square feet, MGM announced a partnership with ESP.

There are some esport casino arenas considered the best

In the gaming scene, within the vanguard of competitive games in the city, MGM Casino Las Vegas hotel is trending. This site has a space of 30,000 square feet so it has become one of the largest esport sand casinos in the Hyperx Esport Arenas that in 2018 hosted games tournaments such as the Capcom Cup and the League of Legends of the Stars

The Hyperx Esport Arena has now become an ambitious brand project in electronic casino sports until now, and in its studio has a 50-foot Led screen. Apart from the biggest esport tournaments this arena also concentrates on other distractions.

Night game competitions such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 11, League of Legends, Mario Kart, Rainbow Six and many more, host the Hyperx Esport Arena. Also, if you like to travel to Las Vegas to enjoy the variety of casinos, it will be more often now that there are virtual reality platforms and retro-style playgrounds.

There are stocks of various sponsorship agreements between esport and casinos

There are many movements made by casinos, which have boosted their profiles in the world of hardcore games, with the aim of announcing the arrival of various esport casino companies. For this reason, through a partnership with the electronic sports club, the World casino Winstar takes care of the complexity of the game.

As an exclusive sponsor for the electronic sports team, Winstar kept the post after the agreement processed. So it is the first time that the official sponsor of an esport organization is a casino.

Associations such as Ninjas in Pijama and Betway, are just some of the electronic sports teams and sports betting sites, which have received significant sponsorships considered high profile. The fact that Winstar wants to promote its services in electronic sports and include them in the casino gives great importance to this kind of games and other brands.

Esport casino games have arrived to never leave

Electronic sports due to its great boom have also influenced the most popular casino games. This is because as time goes by, more people are interested in skill games instead of having to try their luck, so every day the new generation of players is more inclined to electronic sports. Games like slots and blackjack can be a bit affected because they are games that need more than skill is by chance. So today is a place where people go in search of traditional games like roulette, people now have a new vision of the form of games due to the growth of esport casinos.

Apparently, electronic sports are transforming those casinos that were once only wanted to play poker or slot machines.

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