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Jackpot Party Slot

The first time you will play Jackpot Party, you will come across something that looks like whole lots of credits to gamble around with. This could be in terms of millions in addition to the quick bonuses that is equivalent to hundreds of thousands or more than that. Also, you will have access to everyday bonuses which worth millions with little rewards every time you enter the next level. Among the other incentives are scattered bonuses.

To most gamblers, this could be well satisfactory in the sense that you will gamble whether you will be fortunate enough to hit huge prize and keep playing. But if you exhaust your cash, you will have to move on and be patient until the other day refill so that you can continue with your game. It is just a few hours away from getting something that you can gamble on. There are some slots that are playable even at low bet as this will allow you to keep on with your game for a long time without the need to bother about your credit balance.


Jackpot Party Slot
Jackpot Party Slot

Where to Play Jackpot Party Slot for Real Money:

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In other word, you could see that you are exhausting your credits but still need to play the more. If you belong to this category, this Jackpot Party slot will offer you the choice of purchasing more chips for true cash by making use of your debit card or your credit verve of your choice. As this is the whole choice and part of the package, it is very fast when compared to just playing or waiting for the next day reward before you could continue to enjoy your game. Credit can be purchased in the following bundles:

  • NZD5 ( 6,000,000)
  • NZD10 (14,000,000)
  • NZD20 (40,000,000)
  • NZD50 (120,000,000)
  • NZD100 (400,000,000)
  • NZD250 (2,000,000,000)

As this is the mode of spending true cash on the Jackpot Party game, it must be stated clearly that you cannot really wager or win true cash at the Jackpot Party. This kind of huge transaction is just a matter of time cash that will soon change. By this; many more like the mobile game will prefer to give perks for the just little price than that of the original playing casino website.


Jackpot Party also provides the players the opportunity to make perks via their Reward Lounge. This Reward Lounge is a loyalty program of a player that gives advantages to the players that are consistently playing there and those that purchase their coin. Those that spend true cash get the favor of the casino. Each of the players begins with Silver Status. Possibly, they can advance via 5 more tiers; Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond.

The gamblers at the higher levels will enjoy the higher stake and give more coins as their gifts sent to their friends. From Sapphire and above, the players will have better ratings when bought coins and are secluded to the exclusive content in a game format which is only made available to the high rollers. Until the end of the month, the players must attain a tier prior to resetting the points. Also, players will maintain the status of the tier all through the whole month that follows even though they will need to make many points again so as to keep the status moving forward.

Super Bonus

One of the 1st set of video games that actually captivate the imagination of the Las Vegas casino players is the Jackpot Party slot. The reason behind this is that it was recognized as one of the 1st games that have a pick and choose bonus round. The bonus round of this slot is very common and still in existence till date even in the versions that were released just of recent. What attracts most is the simplicity of the bonus round with entire gifts screen where you will have to select one among all. The gift is unveiled and anything found in it is your reward that you must keep.

At times, when you get a party pooper folded in a wrapper, this can halt the bonus round once while at the other time, and you can get a suspension. Also at the other time, you could be given another chance to choose the pooper.

Other prizes offer could be big multipliers or better still; take you via a new screen of gifts with bigger prizes you can grab. If you want to play Jackpot Party slot for real cash, you will need to visit the page of the real cash slot where you will find a set of the top and best online version of the casino to play for real money.

Free Version

The free version of the Super Jackpot Party game is very fantastic. It is possible to play without making any download or sign up anywhere. In case you are out of credit in the free version, all you need do is to reload the page and start all over again. Also, you can bookmark the page as this will enable you to come back to play over and again. If you really enjoy the free version of the Jackpot Party game, do not forget to make it known to the world as you click on the like buttons of our Facebook or Google.

Begin Small and Unveil All

If you begin to play Jackpot Party for the first time, you will just have little games available to select from. However, you can still browse the whole collection that will unveil over 70 various titles offered by the two largest producers of the games played in the floor base; Bally and WMS. Unlocking extra games could take much of your time.

Specifically, you will be given the rightful slot to play more titles as you spin on the games available with higher bets spins making you have more experience that will lead you to the next level. Each of the few levels will let you choose the fresh games that will enable you to unlock form a small number of games that are connected to the certain point of experience.

Software WMS
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 100
Jackpot 5000
Slot RTP 96.01%

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