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Mobile Casinos: The Game Types

Mobile CasinosOnline casinos have acquired a huge popularity after the development  of mobile versions. There is no doubt that online desktop versions lead the race. However, the growth rate of mobile casino games is surprising. Surveys state that by 2020, almost all mobile platforms will deliver online streaming mobile applications, which are currently limited to flash enabled smart phones.

The offline and limited streaming casinos are dominating the mobile casino world.  Nevertheless, around 95% of the smart phones in the world can host online streaming casino. The current market share of Smartphones is 34% and is expected to reach 60% by the year 2025 as the advancement in smart phone technology is helping manufacturers to develop smart phones at an economical rate. This article throws light into the details of the three main categories of mobile casino games.


The three main types of mobile casino games are as follows,

  • Offline mobile casino games
  • Semi offline mobile casinos
  • Online streaming mobile casinos

Offline mobile casino games

Offline mobile casino games are those games, which do not require an internet connection. There are mainly two types of mobile casinos and they are,

  • Preinstalled mobile casino games
  • Manually installed mobile casino games

Preinstalled mobile casino games

Preinstalled mobile casino games are those games, which are installed by mobile manufacturing companies. Most of the mobile companies develop their own mobile games or acquires permission from mobile casinos to install the gambling game on the mobile phone. Mostly these games are meant for entertainment purpose and users cannot win real money.

Manually installed mobile casino games

If the mobile is GPRS enabled and has a supporting software platform, user can download offline applications directly from a mobile casino site or from a software hub. Most of the manually downloaded offline casinos are designed for entertainment. They do not use internet connection at any stage of the game. Card games and dice games are the top most downloaded offline mobile casino games.  Most of the leading real online casino games have offline versions, which are downloaded by players in order to gain experience in the online version.

Semi-offline mobile casinos

Semi-offline mobile casinos requires internet to start the game. Most of the real offline mobile casinos require internet connection to initiate the game. The connection will automatically cut after the fees deduction and will get activated at regular intervals to upload the game developments. This is because most of the basic phones do not possess adequate memory to perform online streaming. Beta online streaming basic software of various mobile companies had received negative feedback when tested on basic phones.

The benefits of semi offline mobile casinos include,

  • Security
  • Economical
  • Zero game interruptions


A device, which stays online for a long time, is vulnerable to attack. You can prevent it by installing data management applications that inhibits unauthorized data transmission from your device. Semi-offline casino games are safe for data security.


When the device is connected to a distant server for data transmission during the game, the supporting applications (secure transaction applications, certificate-analyzing applications etc.) also use your data. However, semi-offline application does not possess any supporting apps that increase internet data usage without authorization.

Zero game interruptions

Online mobile casino games may face buffering troubles in case of an internet interruption. A missed call or message signal interferes with the usual data signals and block secure transactions and game. In case of semi offline mobile casino games, they require internet during the initial few minutes and at the end of each spin. In case of an internet interruption during the uploading time, the software has a data resume system that will secure the previous section. Always mark the option for data back up and resume option in the application settings page.

Online streaming mobile casinos

Most of the Smartphones enabled with moving graphics technology or flash can host applications that require online streaming. Though some basic versions also possess an online streaming facility, most of them do not have advanced data resume system in case of a temporary connection interruption. On arrival of voice call and message signals, internet tends to interrupt in mobile phones. However, latest smart phone technology can resume even the secure https connections without losing the transaction and game data.

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