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Rainbow Riches Slot

Rainbow Riches is yet another Irish-Leprechaun flavored slots game that calls upon 50 shades of green and one shade of gold to set the motif of traditional Irish Myths. As such, contained under its thematic umbrella are typical personages and artifacts commonly associated with Irish fables including rainbows, gold coins, spotted mushrooms, the four-leaf clover, and the always-smiling red-bearded green Leprechaun. And bringing up the rear are the ever-present poker card emblems 10, J, Q, K, and A, in rising order.


Where to Play Rainbow Riches Slot for Real Money:

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Game Strategy

The Rainbow Riches slot comes packed with 10 paylines, 5 reels, and at least 18 winning combinations you can strive for. The jackpot in The Rainbow Riches slots game is called the Big Shindig, exactly what traditional Irish persons and gung-ho Leprechauns would call it. The maximum bet you may place on each payline to hit the Big Shindig is 25,000 coins for a single bet. The game also contains a Bonus Round and a Gamble Feature. The Bonus Round is represented by a Pots of Luck symbol. During play, you will also encounter another bonus round called Pick Me, as well as the common Wild, and Scatter symbols.

One of the most powerful symbols in Rainbow Riches is the iconic Leprechaun, which is represented by the Gold Coin symbol. It’s the Wild. The Wild assists in generating winning combinations by substituting for less powerful symbols, thereby giving you a combo win. The Leprechaun’s Hat occupies the Scatter position. The Hat triggers the Bonus Spins, the Pick Me feature, the Leprechaun Bonus Rounds, and the Pots of Luck bonus feature.

Graphics and Theme

Most of the mentioned artifacts are included among the symbols in the game. Another is the game’s logo. The current version of the game has undergone significant improvements in color vibrancy, 3D graphics, and a virtual surround sound audio track. It is easy to feel a bit nostalgic for the Good Ole Days and a-hankerin’ for a wee bit of the Ole Irish Luck.

Three Kinds of Bonus Rounds

Here’s how the Pick Me Bonus Round works. Pick Me is the first bonus round you will reach when playing the game. It is triggered when you get three Leprechaun Hats on interspersing reels between 5 and 1. The activation takes you to a new screen that shows the three Hats. The Pick Me feature then prompts the player to pick any one of the three Hats in order to discover their prize. Two of the Hats will give you free cash prizes and the third will give you the awesome Pots of Luck Bonus Round.

When the Pots of Luck Bonus Round is triggered, it will take you to yet another special screen that presents a bronze pot, a silver pot, and a gold pot. Each represents Cash Prizes but in unrevealed amounts. Nothing happens until you press the golden arrow at the lower portion of the special screen. Pressing the golden arrow triggers the three Pots of Luck to spin around the Leprechaun until the spinning stops. Whichever Pot the Golden Arrow is pointing to is your winning prize. The Cash Prize you win from the spinning Pots of Luck is automatically multiplied by the amount you bet on the payline, increasing your luck up to 25,000 coins.

The third and final type of Bonus Round feature you will encounter is the Gamble Feature. Here you can gamble all or part of your winnings on a Winning Spin screen. To activate the Gamble Feature, you must press the Gamble Button which is next to the Spin Button on the game’s console. The new screen is split into halves — one representing a You Win and the other representing a You Lose scenario. If you pick the correct side, the winnings you bet will be doubled; if you pick the wrong side, you will lose everything. Wow, what a game! Exhausted yet? I am, and I’m just writing about it.


As you can see, Rainbow Riches is not for the faint of heart. With three distinct Bonus Features, gold and spinning Pots of Luck, there’s enough to draw in the novice gamer and there’s enough to keep the veteran player coming back for more. Be sure to give this game a try and find out how much luck you’re having today.

Software Barcrest
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 20
Jackpot 3000
Slot RTP 95%

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