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Stormin 7’s Slot

It may be stormin’ outside but you don’t mind, you’ve got your lucky number 7. The lightning can’t do you any harm, you’ve got your 7s and they’re a charm and I’m just smilin’ up a storm. Now if I just get that on YouTube with a hip-hop beat, it’ll go viral for sure. Maybe Ainsworth can help. Ainsworth Game Technologies is an online promoter of gaming software that offers unique bonus games and first-class prizes in its online gaming products.


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Stormin 7’s lets you win prizes for just finding symbols in the game like poker card denominations such as the 10, J, Q, K, and A, in ascending order, gold dollar signs, and dice. It is possible to win a 7-figure prize for locating diamonds. Of course, there are also the standard features found in most poker games like Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Bonus Spins, multipliers, triggers, and retriggers.

Stormin 7’s stands out because, in addition to the standard offerings, it offers lots of opportunities to strike it richer with its generous line bets combinations that can fit the budgets of casual and high roller gamers alike. In addition, for you on-the-move gamers you can play on most mobile devices, like smartphones, iPads, and Android tablets.


As you might expect, the background to this game is a darkened sky with lightning flashing and whirlwinds blowin’ all of which symbolizes an impending storm. The sound effects leave no doubt that a downpour is near as you listen to the distant sound of thunder each time lighten flashes. You don’t mind though because you know there is a Bonus Round coming soon and “the sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow”. The reels are set on a brightly colored 3×5 grid. The scene is set for fierce action and prizes galore. Are you ready to rumble?

Game Strategy

The first time you push the Spin button it is possible for you to win a 7-figure bonus prize or get Free Spins adorned with many Stormin 7’s but that’s not the only surprise the game has in store for you. Stick around and listen to Stormin 7’s tell its own story. Poker card emblems are worth as many as 10,000 coins and poker chips can get you as much as 12,500 coins, while dice will net you 15,000 coins. While spinning the reels, if you land on a super Lucky Red 7, you can garner a generous 75,000 coins.

But that’s not the greatest of the game’s offerings. That belongs to the 5 Scattered Diamonds but they have to land on a single reel. If that happens you will be richer by the tune of 1,000,000 coins! Drop the mike! A minimum of three Scattered Diamonds landing anywhere on your screen will unlock 10 Free Bonus Spins. When that happens the Wild Dollar symbol will replace all other icons except the game’s logo, which is the Storm symbol, thereby netting you many more opportunities to achieve additional winning combinations.

Stormin 7’s can also switch to Wilds if they fall on reels 4, 3, or 2. If they do, that will create more chances for winning combinations. If Storm 7’s land on two or more reels at the same time that will unlock the Respin feature and all the reels will begin spinning. That’s not all. A Storm 7’s symbol that lands on reel 2 will also get you a 2x multiplier that will multiply your instant bet amount; and a Storm 7’s symbol sitting on reel 4 will guarantee you a 3x multiplier. It does not stop there. If you want a 6x multiplier all you have to do is get a Storm 7’s symbol on reels 4 and 2 simultaneously. Easy money!

New Feature

The game offers a Double Up feature that allows you to double your money on any win. Returning to the heart of the game’s theme, you will frequently see a flash of lightening lines. This lets you know that the game has 100 reels on which you can bet. You can place a minimum-to-maximum bet on just 1 or however many you wish all the way up to 100 reels. Your choice. The minimum bet starts at 0.01 coins and graduates up to as much as 100 coins on each line that you wish to activate.

So the actual amount you can bet ranges from 10,000 coins down to a paltry 0.01 coins. While the broad range may seem strange to some, remember that this is a slot game and by definition, it is designed to fit the budgets of small fries up to the heavy hitters.


So, whether you prefer dancing in the rain or dashing out of the storm and next to a warm and cozy fireplace, I think you will have fun and fortune playing Ainsworth Technologies’ Stormin 7’s slots. Grab an umbrella and give this game a shot.

Software Ainsworth
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 100
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 0.75
Slot Themes 7.5
Slot RTP 93.83%

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