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Best Strategies for Winning Slots Online

Playing slots online is exciting, and it’s more than just spinning and wishing for the numbers to line up. You can develop the best winning online slots strategies and increase your chances of winning by arming yourself with knowledge on how slot machines work, playing with the right expectations, and, above all, having fun.


Key Facts about Winning with Online Slot MachinesBest Strategies for Winning Slots Online

Knowing how online slots work will give you a better grasp of the odds. Myths abound, so here is a dose of reality to help you create your best winning strategy for online slots.

  • Random number generators constantly churn out combinations, and those numbers determine the stops of each reel after a spin. Always keep in mind that this process is entirely random, and there’s no way to predict what’s going to happen on any given spin.
  • The spins are not affected by the previous spin or what might happen during the next spin. This fact makes each spin fair and stand on its own merit.
  • Hot and cold machines don’t exist at online casinos or in brick-and-mortar establishments. A machine that’s been paying out frequently (one that’s “hot”) may suddenly not pay out again. A slot machine that has not had a payout in many spins (a “cold” machine) may suddenly offer up a jackpot.
  • Casinos have an advantage by the way the random number generators are programmed. If you play long enough, the casino will win because the game program is set up for that.
  • Understand the difference between progressive slot machines and the stand-alone variety.
  • On progressive slots, the jackpot increases (“progresses”) every time someone plays and doesn’t win. These slots can be linked to a network so multiple players are trying to win. For the largest payout on progressive slots, bet the maximum.
  • Online slot machines have better payouts than brick-and-mortar facilities. This makes sense since the in-person locations have high overhead costs and thus need the player to lose more.

Winning Online Slot Machine Strategies

When playing to win real money with slot machines at online casinos, make sure you put together the key elements of a winning strategy.

  • Set a budget. You need to know how much money you have available for placing bets.
  • Be realistic. Many online casinos give you a limited number of free spins before making your deposit, but that should not lull you into a sense of false security.
  • Look for online slot machines with a wide betting range. It’s possible to place bets ranging from a few cents per line up to $100. Smaller bet let you get in a lot of playing time.
  • Bet multiple smaller bets instead of one larger bet. Select how many coins you’re going to bet. Putting up one dollar on a spin is quite different than betting twenty-five cents in four spins. Both scenarios total one dollar, but multiple smaller bets will increase your chances of winning.
  • Typically, the payout for slot machines is the same amount of coins that were wagered. Winnings for one, two, and three coins is simply multiplied by 1x, 2x, and 3x.
  • When betting the maximum, the payout is usually multiplied by a higher number than the number of coins that were wagered.
  • Got your sights set on the big jackpots of either the progressive or the regular variety slot machines? Those are triggered when spinning the reels for the full If you don’t bet the maximum on a progressive slot and you win, your payout will be smaller than the jackpot.

Paylines as Part of Your Winning Online Slots Strategy

  • The payline is the line located across the reels on which the winning combinations of symbols can be landed.
  • Old-school slots usually had one payline that was across the middle of the screen. In today’s online slot machines, some slots allow you to choose from one to nine paylines, while other slots provide from four to twenty-six paylines – or even more.
  • To increase your chance of winning at slots at both online slots casinos and land-based casinos, spread out your money over multiple paylines. This decreases volatility because each payline is a way of winning a portion of your bet.
  • The more paylines you play, the lower the volatility and the greater the chance of winning a slot machine jackpot. Additionally, betting on multiple paylines can produce multiple different wins simultaneously. In order to get a big win, you must play not only maximum coins but also maximum paylines.

Playing Online Slots in the Short Term Versus Long Term

Don’t plan to beat the slots over the long term. In the short term, a player can win a payout. However, because the slot machines are programmed to give the online casino an edge, continuing to spin makes it more likely that your cumulative results will be a loss.Now that you’ve got the workings of a winning online slots strategy, search out an online slots casino where you feel comfortable and try some spins to win real money.

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