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The New Formula for The Success of the Global Poker Players

There are many games of cards that are played around the world. However, poker is the most popular of them all. This is because, in addition to being very entertaining, is a game that tests the analytical skills to think and manage strategies to achieve success. Coupled with this, it is an activity that, if the cards are played very well, offers the opportunity to get a lot of money through betting.


You Can Play Poker Game Anywhere

Global PokerA game of poker, you can play almost anywhere, although places have been created, such as gambling halls, which have become the favorite places of the players. Examples of these are the casinos, where several poker tables and their modalities of games are allocated. Likewise, online casino platforms have become an excellent and comfortable alternative, which also allows immediate connection with participants from all over the planet.

In this way, each of the two types of casinos, terrestrial and virtual, have places to play that are more relevant among fans. Among them are Las Vegas, which is famous for being a city full of casinos and boardrooms, in addition to, the amounts of money that are handled there; likewise, there is Global Poker, which is a social casino that has led to the victory of many people in world competitions. Next, a little more will be told about this game and how players have found success in places like those mentioned above.

What is poker?

It refers to a game of cards in which each player with all or a fraction of their corresponding cards covered, make bets that would be based on a preliminary offer. At the end of the game, the player with the best card mix wins the game, taking the full amount of bets made by each participant. Occasionally, the best hand is not the one that determines the victory of a player, this means that it may happen that through the bets that are made, the remaining players, is forced to withdraw from the table.

The origin of this game is still in debate; this is because, some say that poker may have arisen as a combination of games with other provenances, which were shared and adapted by processes of globalization, such as colonization, etc. What you do have for sure, is that currently, is the best-known game in the entire planet, because in every corner know what it is.

As a result of this worldwide reach, tournaments began to be organized, which became well known in the casinos of the United States, after the World Series of Poker that they made in the year 1970; which were transmitted by cable or satellite, making the game more popular. In this way, in the first semester of 2010, the International Association of Mental Sports or originally, International Mind Sports Association – IMSA, accepted poker as a mental sport.

Online Poker

The online casino platforms have been a revolution of the last decades because, in addition to the classic Slot Machines , it offers all types of poker games that exist. It also offers the possibility of competing with participants from any city or country without leaving home. This has attracted a huge number of people who want to play, either newcomers or more experienced. Also, this online poker modality has made the game focus more on the mathematical skills, than on the signals that denote the opponent’s features.

On the other hand, in online poker by legal regulations, bets must be lower compared to the gaming tables of a land-based casino. In this sense, you can take better control of the money. At the same time, it is not necessary to bet through tokens and then exchange for cash.

Similarly, the novelty of live games offers an experience quite similar to that lived in a real establishment. This is because it has the participation of true dealers responsible for distributing the cards. In the same way, the transmission of the game is life through streaming technology, which also allows live chats between participants.

Global Poker and its Successful Representatives

Global Poker is a developer of its own and operated by the company VGW Holdings Limited, which was created in Australia in 2010. The goal of Global Poker is the introduction of a poker room that brings excitement and fun to the participants. It is focused on the market of the United States, which is popularly known as “the house of poker”, and that of Canada.

What makes Global Poker so special is that it works with the social casino modality, in which an original payment method called Sweepstakes is offered. This has been approved by the various social media organizations and payment processors. Sweepstakes are promotional transactions with a certain value. In this way, we talk about a social poker site in which players, and winners, can bet and withdraw money safely. Likewise, in the Global Poker platform, withdrawals and deposits can be made using Visa and Mastercard credit cards; and, more recently, American Express and Discover Card cards were accepted to make purchases.

Another exciting announcement from Global Poker is that, in addition to the recently added payment options of depositing and withdrawing with MasterCard and Visa, the site now also accepts American Express and Discover Card for Gold Coin purchases. In this sense, a community of Global Poker players has been created that has had important representatives in national and world tournaments. These have been noted in visits that have made the city of casinos, Las Vegas; where they have taken the opportunity to participate in tables and some important events like the World Series of Poker.

Representatives in Las Vegas

One of them was Kevin Pahl, nicknamed “Buymedinner”. Who moved to Las Vegas with a prize that was won by appearing in the Open Rattlesnake Classification Table, which consisted of a package of $5,000 travel and purchase? This imitated the actions of two of the past winners, who requested payment in live shows played through their prizes. In this way, Buymedinner, accompanied by two friends, participated in the $55 No-Limit Hold’em Tag Team WSOP. Finally, in the race composed of 1032 groups, they finished in position 45 with which they obtained a profit of $3495.

Similar was the case of Sara Palmer, a Global Poker player named “Sabjo182”. She participated for the first time in the WSOP, which is a women’s championship of one thousand dollars in which 696 ladies were involved. In this way, he obtained the position number 11, earning 6799 dollars.

Another example of Golden Poker regular players was Louis Helm or “Beijing house”, who was the representative of the social casino in the Golden Nugget that took place in Las Vegas, at the same time that he dominated a $110-night program in the Grand Poker Series, obtaining $1875.

Winners in Global Poker

With the modalities of online casinos, the tournaments have also been transferred to the virtual plane; in this way, there are players who have achieved victories and a relevant position on the podiums. As in the case of Marty Martin “Thakid5”, who won a free pass to the Sunday Scrimmage with SC $218 through a tournament that was held on the social network Facebook. In this sense, she participated with SC $50,000 insured, which led her to transform her freeroll into one of the winners with SC $7,750.

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