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Triple Red Hot 777 Slot

The brand of slots game known as Triple Red Hot 777 has been on the scene for a very long time. It got its start in Las Vegas but is now found all over America where licensed gaming venues can be found. International Game Technology (IGT) is the maker of this very refined slots game. In 2015 Gtech acquired IGT, but kept the famous IGT name and continues to use it to this day. The online version of Triple Red Hot 777 Slots — like all cyber versions made by IGT — is very similar to the original real-money land-based machines in Las Vegas. IGT has been able to keep the old world classic feeling of the original game while modernizing the attractiveness of the game with visible and unseen bells and whistles.


Where to Play Triple Red Hot 777 Slot for Real Money:

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Triple Red Hot 777 is so well crafted that it is not surprising that it was an instant hit when it first arrived on the scene, and it remains very popular today. What is amazing is how the makers of slots games have been able to take old console games and encapsulate their critical elements, including the “feel” and even the “ambiance and atmosphere” of the old-timey games into the new-fangled online versions. They have accomplished this to every detail in the new and improved Triple Red Hot 777 internet-based games.

Manufacturers have even managed to retrofit the older land-based games by tweaking them with updated and completely new-style components most commonly found in the online iterations. These retrofitted features include super-challenging Bonus features and more aggressive (and more progressive) jackpots and bonus rounds. So, both the landlubbers and the cybernauts benefit equally.While updating and replacing the soundtracks and sound effects is less amazing they, too, deserve a tip of the hat for playing an integral part in the upgrading and retrograding process.


The theme of this game is the mighty number 7. “Seven will get you 7”. “Three 7s and you win”. “Everything’s coming up sevens”, and so on. Triple Red Hot 777 slots is one of those classic games that keep the old-timey “feel” of the game even in the online version. I’m not sure how the designers do that but they should get extra credit for their impeccable code writing skills.

Of course, with a name like Triple Red Hot 777, you would expect to see as a central part of the game’s theme a lot of flames, and red, and 7s — and you do. There are 7s in blue, 7s in red, and 7s in white.

The online version of the game is fitted with a funky music soundtrack. Just be aware that when playing the online version, you may have to refresh the page a few times when and if you run out of credits because some casinos that support the online game limit the credits to a certain number until you hit the refresh button.

Game Strategy

The game even starts with 7 free spins. But before you begin spinning, select how much money you wish to bet on each payline that you activate. You can bet as little as 5 coins or as many as 100 coins, on up to five lines per spin. Take note that all your prizes will be assigned a multiplier for each of your line-bets right from the beginning of the game.

In addition, when starting the game with 7 free spins, you can retrigger as many as a whopping 700 additional spins if you hit all the bonus spin features just right.This exciting game offers many features designed to keep your attention and to increase your stake, like the Total-Bet awards feature that grants you up to 700 free bonus spins, Spitfire Multipliers, and Wild 3x Multipliers. These make the game truly unique among its peers.

A climax of the game is triggered when at least three bonus icons land on a payline and a fiery reel begins spinning like mad and encapsulates you with feelings of excitement. With the Bonus feature, you earn extra Bonus Spins. Add to that the possibility of Spitfire Multiples entering the game to give you extra winning combinations and opportunities for even more bonuses. Plus, all bonuses come with the bellowing bell sound effect made famous by the older slots machines found in Vegas.

Bonus Round

In addition to getting 7 free go-arounds during the Bonus Spins, you get the chance to retrigger the Bonus spin as many times as your luck permits. This is where your coins really add up. At this stage of the game, your total wins are multiplied by up to 7x. It is also possible to trigger multiple multipliers during the Bonus Round.

It must be made clear that this game not only contains Bonus Features, it also contains Bonus symbols as well. So during a Bonus Round of Free Spins, it is possible to have one or more Bonus symbols to land on the reels at any time, either during base play or during the bonus rounds.

Therefore, if at least three Bonus symbols land on a payline, you will be instantly awarded 1x your total bet plus another Free Spins Bonus. Moreover, each Free Spin gets its own Spitfire Multipliers that are able to multiply your original bet up to as many as 7x.


As you can see Triple Red Hot 777 is, as the saying goes, the best of the old and the new. It is full of excitement, innovative ideas, ear-popping bell rings, flames that run amok and the lucky number 7 that is everywhere. Give either the brick-and-mortar or the cyberspace version of this game a try. I think you will love whichever one you choose. Why don’t you make it…“Seven or Nothin’!”

Software IGT
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 3
Paylines 5
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 25
Max. Bet 500
Jackpot 20000
Slot RTP 96.13%

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