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Under the Sea Slot

The game titled “Under the Sea Slot” is structurally designed in order to make lots of fun and well entertaining. There are numerous attentions which are highly comprehensive that was paid off in this game. You need to see this slot made of symbols which can be easily differentiated from others. Therefore, if the reels begin to land in places, one can easily deduce whether the player is for real huge cash award or not. A lot of things are going on underneath the waves of the ocean.

This is another realm entirely where the majority of the casino enthusiasts are well acquainted with. In fact, it can be said that this is one of the common genres discovered and this slot must be included in your slot list because merely playing it for once will always demand more. Sincerely, it is highly engaging. It is structured by 1 x 2 gaming of high-quality standard in addition to the theme used to beautify this slot.


Under the Sea Slot
Under the Sea Slot

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Your expectation is that Betsoft just needs to make use of any theme to develop an incredible game like this but this gaming company will never disappoint its fans when designed Under the Sea slot. We cannot conclude that Under the Sea slot is one of the most complicated games that have strong how-to-play with little features. Both animations and 3D graphics of the slot are the backbones.

Left to me alone, I can easily say it is one of the greatest things that command the attention to the details in features such as bubbles that are going on the reels and the plants wafting found under the water that is highly unique. An amazing thing in this game that usually baffles my mind is the reason that lots of cartoon fish possess a standardized set of human teeth. I believe that one of them must to be a mystery when it comes to this kind of slot.


All you need to know as regards the mode of the appearance of its graphics are basically Betsoft. The sea shrimpers are located on the reels while the plants brandish softly on the beds of their coral reef but the bubbles are on the reels with lots of cartoon fish. All the cartoon fishes possess a familiarity ring which could be very common in its design and outlook. Despite that it is particularly replicated of popular underwater movies of animated, this could easily be the features in the Finding Nemo.

How to Play

Anytime a win is hit, every kind of fish possesses a sequence of animation that breaks out to build from the reels. Additionally, there are lots of shipwrecks, pearls and a blonde female which could be interpreted as a mermaid even though one can only see her face. The well-being of the musical style of Caribbean is played at the background of the game with the reels halt to the sounds such as a xylophone hit.

Anytime the bonus game is hit, the soundtrack will change even though the common vibe remains the same. Also, there are a bubble and the common noises underwater which are put in place. All these are made available so as to make the game real and boost its authenticity. In this game, one free spin and 1 pick-em version of the game are included in addition to treasure chests. It does not activate frequently as well despite that the prizes can be ideal anytime they appear.

Get Soaked Up

Only 30 pay lines are set as default in the Under the Sea slot. This implies that it is possible for a player to choose any kind of number out of them all. Also, your bets begin from 0.02 cent on each line which is equivalent to 60c for each spin, to 1 dollar for each line at just 30 dollars for a spin. The automatic play buttons facilitate a box to pop up and this allows the player to configure all of your tastes and satisfaction prior to hitting the button of confirmation.

When it comes to the title of the slot given by the Betsoft, the major wins emerge via the winning combinations and the features instead of normal line wins. One greatest normal win emerges from the blonde female that worth 400 coins for every five and 200 coins for every 4. 300 coins are awarded to five green fish awardees while 200 coins are given to the players with five yellow yellows. In this game, it lacks symbols of playing card which could always be detected to let the player know how strong the slot is when compared to others.


There are 3 types of symbols in the Under the Sea slot.


This is always in a buck shell. It represents wild symbols and possesses a handy multiplier which is connected to it. Having a wild could result in 2x of your stake while having 2 wilds could fetch you four folds and three wilds will set up eightfold wins for you. With the entire 30 pay lines in this play, the wilds frequently make the multiple wins as well.


This enhances the activation of free spins. With 3 ships, you can activate 8, with 4 ships, it is possible to trigger 12 while with 5 ships, and one can trigger 15. A payout of two folds of your entire stake for the two ships in anyplace on the reels.

Treasure Chest

With 3 of the treasure chests, the pick-em treasure game access is unlocked. This feature leads to a prettily arranged scene of underwater, in case you have access to select from many chests that have prizes connected to it. If you tap such, they will show a reward in coins. You can as well continue the slot till you hit the one that says “collect’, towards the end f the incentive.

Nothing is so special most especially concerning the free spins round. If you are able to hit at least 3 ships, the free spins will be announced while the soundtrack change. You could be a bit more Calypso. Also, it is possible to run via your spins with a similar set of reels just like before. Towards the end of the game, your entire winning is revealed and return to the main game.

Software BetSoft
Slot Types 3D Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.60
Max. Bet 150
Jackpot 16000
Slot RTP 96.8%

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