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Worst Odds of Some Popular Casino Games

Love to play casino games? Of course, but every casino game has some odds like everything else. Usually, people enjoy playing these games as they offer the players to play under a lot of tension with exciting reward-winning possibilities. However, not all games offer such features; that's why online casino games are trendy nowadays.

Though one must consider the odds while playing the game, some games offer better than others. This article will cover the worst odds of some popular casino games and what strategies a person should opt to avoid them.


Choosing an Online Casino

Before diving into the game’s odds, a player should first choose a high-class online casino. Then, to find the best choice that suits your needs, you can browse different market sites.

But reading out such massive content will take a much longer time. So instead, you can easily find a range of reviews on casino hubs to find the best site for your needs. Then, when you have spent much time surfing the best choice for you, you'll have a clear idea about poor-quality sites you should avoid for playing casino games.


One of the strangest games based on the odds is Roulette in the market. This is because Roulette solely depends on the wager you place, which means the odds can be good and bad at extreme levels. Some players think they can predict Roulette, but it's not a pie of pudding anyone can get right.

According to an estimate, if a player chooses to bet on one of the even-money bets, there is a 50% probability of winning the reward on every single spin. Among the odds of other available casino games, this one is better to some extent.

But if you have chosen a single number, you are at a higher risk of loss. Like the even numbers, the winning probability of a single number is less than 3%. So in a European Roulette wheel, it's 1 in 36, and an American Roulette wheel, it is 1 in 37.

Winning a handsome amount of money is relatively low in both cases. That's why whenever you are placing any bet, think sensibly. When playing Roulette, you will end up with quite good odds. But try not to bet on single numbers as they give the players some of the worst odds on the market.


Another game on the list with the worst odds is Blackjack. The players can take the game to a very high level if they are skilled ones with some great odds and can increase the winning chances by professionally playing Blackjack with good strategies. Unfortunately, not every casino in the market offers its players these benefits.

Though, things shift with every bet that comes up in the play. Most players say that side bets in Blackjack are known as some of the riskiest possible bets. Simply, you can say with every side bet you place; you are reducing your winning chances from almost 50% to below 2%.

However, if you are playing Blackjack with no outlandish side bet, those games offer insurance. In Blackjack, players seem to believe insurance is a silly bet. In games that offer insurance as a side bet, each player's inning chances are below 10%.

When playing basic Blackjack strategy, try to avail this insurance offer. Because in basic Blackjack, this strategy works as the most successful version for availing the insurance side bet.

In short, you can say whichever game you are playing, with some quick strategies and being wise with every move, the winning chances increases for you. But these changes fluctuate with side bets you place.

Video Slots

Most of the players try to focus on video slots in common. There is no doubt about the fun video slots come up with. Video slots offer the players the biggest prizes with various exciting features, as the name sounds.

Video slot games come up with the biggest possible payouts for their players. But there are some odds, too, that these video slots have. Every player can increase the winning chances by playing video slots in a certain way.

When you move a slot, the winning probability changes between 1% and 0.01%; according to some players, it seems insane. But when you think of the price range in video slots, all this seems quite sensible. Unfortunately, because of those payouts, many other players have to lose.

In most cases, most players make a loss who begin playing video slots. To avoid this loss, one should always use a strategy when playing video slots. Though the winning chances don't increase on a spin-to-spin basis but by this strategy, you can avail yourself of a large number of spins and end up grabbing one of the big wins in this game.


Baccarat is another strange yet popular game after Roulette and Blackjack in the list of worst odds for players. Every player has a 45% winning chance on three different bets in Baccarat. However, this winning chance increases roughly 45% when the player bets on the banker.

With this strategy, there comes up a tie with just under 10% chance of winning the game. Likewise, side betting in Blackjack Baccarat or betting on a single number in Roulette is much similar to playing video slots, but the chance of securing a win is still low.

Due to this reason, every skilled or professional Baccarat player advises the newbies to avoid betting on a tie. However, some players out there still like to mix things up with a tie bet every now and then. But in general, if you bet in high-stakes games, it is expected that seven out of ten persons who bet on a tie lose their money at the end of the game.

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