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NetEnt Slots – What are the Best?

The Internet represents a minefield of opportunities for any company, but mainly those dedicated to entertainment and recreation. Such is the case of NetEnt, a company dedicated to casino games, especially slot machines; same that has made the company the leader in the field of online games.

Its success is reflected in the comments and reviews of users globally; who, after testing the machines in different portals of casinos, testify that they are the most important in the sector. For this reason, the topic that will be discussed immediately will talk about the best slot machines available on the platform.


What Makes NetEnt slots Different?

Due to the enormous diversity of alternatives to be entertained via the Internet, the demands of modern players are increasingly specific and complicated to cover. However, NetEnt tries to stay in the forefront constantly. Which is why, today, most of its games, particularly slots, are considered the best in the industry. But what is it that makes them so unique?

The team that makes up the company focus their work on the tastes of the players. In this way, they work under the motto that functionality and simple use is the best. Despite this, the machines contain tutorials that guide players in the processes to win. Likewise, the main characteristic of all the machines, which is fundamental, is the quality of the colors and the graphics of the same; which are impeccable and surprising, no matter what platform or device is played.

Next, they focus on aspects such as animation and sound; which are refined and clear, respectively. In this way, you can see characters with movements, and audios that remain attached to the tradition. In addition to this, players have the option of selecting a soundtrack that suits their tastes and the theme of the machine.

Likewise, new games are released almost every month; which aim to surprise users. Such was the case with NetEnt 3D slot machines. On the other hand, another element that is liked by people is that a free play option is available; which allows individuals to test each machine without any cost.

The 6 best NetEnt slots

As mentioned above, some of the slots designed by NetEnt, are the most striking in the industry; because, they are created always thinking about covering the needs of the players. In this sense, the following will show the six best ones:

Fruit Spin

It is based on the classic slot style, thinking of users who prefer the traditional. In this sense, it consists of 5 lanes with which you can get 40 payment lines, the attractiveness of this machine, and part of the rewards that are obtained through Lucky Wheels and Free Spins. The first is achieved at the moment when a portion of a 3 by 3 distribution image touches the reels. This generates cash rewards or activating Free Spins; with the latter, the players will have 5 free spins and the chance to get an extra one.

Archangels: Salvation

What makes this slot so attractive is that, as the game unfolds, people can re-create themselves with the glorious battle that is unleashed between good and evil; because, the characters have movements, being the angels and demons the ones that generate the most rewards.

Likewise, the machine has two Hot Spot points; which are distributed in two rows of the lower reels, while the other is in two rows of the upper part. In the same order of ideas, with free spins and wild bonuses, the game can become very fast.

Gonzo’s Quest

This slot is developed under the story of the search for lost objects in the ruins of an inhospitable city. It is the possessor of many functions that make it one of the most attractive games for users; as for example, the Avalanche Reels, with which you can obtain, cash gains.

In the same way, there is the Free Falls bonus, which is achieved through the three images of the dispersion that bears the same name; with this bonus, you can get up to 10 free spins. On the other hand, as the multiplier grows, this will activate the focal figure of the game, the Gonzo, who will appear in the bonus rounds.

Dead or Alive

Based on the stories of the Wild West, where traditional slot machines were very fashionable, this theme has earned the title of sacred as well as its protagonists, bandits Billy the boy and Jesse James.

Its composition is simple, with 5 lanes and 9 payment lines. It also has posters of the most wanted, wild symbols and the “Free Spins” function. Despite its simplicity, it is one of the favorites, because, besides being fun, it offers many opportunities to win in the game.


It is in the category of premium slots, which have a higher degree of difficulty and are exclusive creations of the company NetEnt. The theme is developed from the Arctic nature with the spectacular brightness of the northern lights. Similarly, its composition is simple, because it has 5 cylinders with which you can get up to 15 payment lines.

The main objective of this game is to obtain the wild card, which is represented by the figure of a bear, and with which you can multiply what you have won. Equally, it has the function of free turns, which activates with the appearance in the cylinders, of two emblems of Moose.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

It corresponds to one of the NetEnt innovations because it is one of the machines designed with 3D images. It is based on the topic of exploration of the deepest areas of the jungle, where you will find endless rewards. It consists of 5 cylinders between which you can achieve 243 combinations of stripes to win, so opportunities are plenty. Likewise, you can find many images of animals, but the tiger is the one that has a higher value because with it you can get 150 coins.

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