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Diamond Chief Slot​

We have another hit slots game from Ainsworth Gaming. It is the irresistible Diamond Chief slots game. It is a whacky combination of two dissonant ideas that makes it crazy fun and adventurous at the same time. It has a left brain vs the right brain internal competition feature that makes it feel like you are not just competing with and inside the slots game but also competing against yourself. Follow me to the Theme and I’ll explain exactly what I mean. Trust me, you are going to love this one for its originality and uniqueness.


Where to Play Diamond Chief Slot​ for Real Money:

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Imagine if you will that you are going diamond hunting in Africa, which is already illegal since you must have a government issued a permit, which you don’t have, right? Also, imagine that you want to go on a safari to experience all the nature and wildlife Africa has to offer. But you only have time and money for one. Brainstorm! Eureka! Why don’t you do both at the same time? Crazy, huh? No, not crazy. That is the main theme behind Diamond Chief slots. Now all you have to do is get rich while trying not to get caught stealing (strike that) “liberating” diamonds in the dangerous savannahs, jungles, and mountains of Africa. And don’t forget to admire the awe-inspiring waterfalls and breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. These are the reasons they call this place Mother Africa.

Having a safari theme, you can expect to see many of the animals that have made the continent of Africa famous, including crocodiles and alligators, hippopotamuses, birds of paradise, mountain gorillas, a plethora of snake species, winged giants of every description, elephants (the big-eared variety – the ones with small ears live in Asia) and many more. Of course, if you are going to have a chief, you must have a tribe. And finally, there is the fauna, the rivers, the savannahs, the mountains, the jungles, the marshlands, and tributaries. So much to choose from. But it’s all here in Diamond Chief.

You’ll gain points (i.e., coins) for spotting ferocious predators and docile prey, and for finding valuable diamonds worth lots of cash. What’s more amazing is that you are going to do all this online, from your favorite armchair with your pajamas on and buttered popcorn on the side table. Indiana Jones, eat your heart out! And your mom said you don’t know how to have fun!

Game Strategy

Ainsworth Gaming has made this game carefree by starting the base betting range at one cent, so even those of modest means can play. Additionally, for those hardcore gamers out there with multiple specialized gaming controllers, you can attach your devices instead of being bogged down with using a clunky keyboard to journey through paradise. Now there’s a difference right there. I wish many other online slots games would adopt the 2000s mode of play and allow for the attachment of a broad array of USB control gadgets.

With your fancy control devices in hand or your trusty keyboard at your fingertips, you are now ready to explore the many possibilities and features of Diamond Chief slots such as the Scattered Diamond and Bonus Spins, the Diamond Chief’s Wild symbol and the African Shield multipliers. The local tribe that guards the diamonds is governed by the Diamond Chief. He also serves as the game’s mascot. The play table has a disorienting grid of two sub-grids. There’s a 2×3 grid stuck to the left side of a 3×4 grid. Needless to say, that makes the playtable a little hard to stare at for long periods of time.

Immediately upon commencing gameplay the bonuses, prizes and cash become available to you. You’ll collect strange Tribal Letters and mysterious numbers that you’ll be able to exchange for 10,000 coins. Hummingbirds net you 15,000 coins and Gorillas and Hippos can earn you 20,000 coins each and get your hands on 25,000 points for spying the occasional bull elephant. You can even win up to 75,000 points for meandering alongside an idyllic waterfall. These are all great for the safari half of your trip, but remember, you also came here to liberate diamonds, right? Digging for diamonds is where the real money is. Diamonds are worth up to 500,000 points!

But just like in real life there’s a catch to getting your hands on the good stuff. The Diamond Chief is not going to like your intrusions onto his tribal lands and digging for his ancestral and sacred diamonds. He and his tribesmen and tribeswomen keep a constant lookout for diamond poachers. The Diamond Chief is the mascot of the game and also serves as a Wild symbol. Therefore, he can substitute for any of the lesser symbols of the regular game. He gets angry at you but his presence also means that you will earn more money because he is a Wild symbol and will mutate into whatever symbol is necessary to give you a winning combination. He can appear singularly or in a group of stacked symbols on reels 5, 4, or 3.

Try to find at least three diamonds at once. If you do, this will activate the Bonus Spins feature and award you 10 extra spins at no cost. During Bonus Spins the small war shields will appear to guard the diamonds. The shields will activate the 3x and 2x multipliers that increase your stake. If you see two additional diamonds, they will activate five more Bonus Spins.

While the Diamond Chief slots game only has five reels, it has a whopping 100 paylines to bet on, giving you a wide variety of betting combinations from one cent to 100 coins on each or every line. It’s up to you and your bank account. High rollers can maximize their bets up to ten thousand coins for each spin.


You would be correct to surmise that the Diamond Chief slots game has a lot to offer. It is not often you have an opportunity to appreciate nature on an exciting safari and simultaneously risk life, limb, and liberty digging for diamonds on the ancestral lands of a powerful tribal chief, all the while winning big cash prizes and increasing your net worth. The graphics are high definition and the soundtrack is recorded in virtual surround sound. There is simply nothing not to like about this game. If only it could refill your popcorn bowl.

Software Ainsworth
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 100
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 0.75
Jackpot 7.5
Slot RTP 94.37%

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