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It came from Venus Slot​

Let’s talk about another game as important as other games created by the game developers. It Came from Venus is a game created by some of the world’s leading gaming developers. Bet Soft Gaming is a development company which has put on the market many nice and rewarding games. The playground of this game is the farm of a woman who was hit by another being coming from Venus. The game’s focus is that the player joins the ranch and removes any foreigner from tends to come to the farm. Bet Soft has built a game with an interesting theme but also the design is very beautiful and fabulous. This slot consists of 5 rolls and 30 lines on which to play.


Where to Play It came from Venus Slot ​for Real Money:

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It Came From Venus Slot-the Slot You Can’t lose!

The game favors the player by playing with the symbols mentioned in every other electronic game and these two important symbols are: wild symbols and distribution symbols. Bet Soft has managed to build a model game that is very emotional. Graphics and visuals are very nice for the eye and the game has a lot of rewarding features. Rounds of bonuses are what every player likes, so you can play with this game because bonus rounds are the ones that have more priority. The player must feel happy because there is a range in which the maximum and minimum bet can be stretched.

How to Play

The player can place a bet from the lowest value that is NZD0.02 to the highest value that goes to NZD0.50. He also has the ability to set betting values on all lines, It should be remembered that the highest value is NZD32,500 and by activating the wild rounds then there is a very large profit potential. The game has highly rewarding features and also creates the possibility of multiplying all of the revenue. The wild symbols in this slot can be doubled and can also be tenfold depending on the different combinations and consequently, the player has the biggest chances of winning the prize greatly.

The player can do more possible combinations in order to increase the chances of winning. Bet Soft has also created the ability to play the game in one of the player’s personal possessions. The game can be played in the same way as a realistic casino because the themes, symbols, and characters are the same. But you can decide to have this game created by Bet Soft the best friend. The game is available online but we recommend that you have the best WIFI so that the game does not get stuck. You can play the game on any device whether iPhone or Android.

Game of Symbols

As mentioned, all the benefits are given wild symbols and distribution symbols. There is a price tag called Feed and it consists in the display of 3 food stacks that are taken by the foreigner who has come to the farm, which allows the player free of charge 11 rolls. Wild Symbol is more important as it also serves as sticky wild and increases the chances of benefits. Bet Soft has created many favors, but the biggest favor that exists is the creation of the Double Bonus which can be found in many games that Bet Soft has created.

The background has very nice sounds and gives many players emotions. Double Stage Rounds who is on his farm will throw different objects to the person who has come to the farm that has already been friend together. The bearer must be a predictor because he has to think if the person will be able to catch the objects or not. By the proper predictions that the player can do then can double the prices and the player may feel highly valued.

Game of Bonus

The game has many favors and can increase revenue in a staggering way. The player can win a bonus round when he approaches more helicopters near the farmer so he can save him from a stranger who has come to his farm.  The player can approach about 3 helicopter symbols that sit in order for the player to take the round. The aforementioned race can be very, very good and the player will have as much income as you can imagine. Bet Soft has never disappointed its players as they are always in development. This game, besides the very interesting theme it has, of course, has other features that gamers can occasionally add to the game that the player has more chance to win bonus rounds and at the same time receive rewards.

Game of Prize

Bet Soft is very grateful to players who play with this game every time and have chosen it. You can manage to earn a substantial sum of money in order to get the first prize. Monetary values can be multiplied by 45 or 50 in relation to the bet he has. We are very grateful that you have decided to play with this game and to make money and emotionally rewarded. Thanks a lot that you are available and you choose our game!

Software Betsoft
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.02
Max. Bet 1
Jackpot 500
Slot RTP 96%

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