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The striking world of casino in 2023

Getting a prize through betting gives a sense of satisfaction, which is why gambling, has always been present in the world since ancient times until today.

On all continents, these games go through various innovations, which cause a revolution for the better so that every time you play you have a great experience.

Gambling can be included among the various social activities, so you can see how big events can contribute to gambling, for example, the FIFA World Cup, an event that serves to take advantage through bets made between family members and friends.


Gambling every day is more modern

Incredible casinos in Macao and Las Vegas are part of the gaming industry that we know today, and in these last 20 years, they have had constant transformations, becoming great casinos that also include large-scale games in the middle of large hotels and important restaurants.

Among the games offered by these casinos to attract a large number of players are distractions such as Baccarat, slot machines, roulette, and Blackjack.

Unlike in other years, in this 2022 you can play this variety of games from your computer or mobile device from anywhere or you can become the biggest winner, hitting the jackpot every time you turn the wheel, in the middle of casinos that they have a 5-star space.

Macao effect

In the United States, gambling only accounts for 12%, and although it is considered as the main country of casinos, Macao is considered as the world capital of gambling and is located in China, the country considered as the most populous in the world, and although all games are banned, in Macao there is 27% of the share of online games and adds 54% together with Europe.

The best bets are considered to be found in the casino industry in Asia, and Macau, for this reason, it has become the most visited country by all those players who are betting lovers and has been taken and exported to other countries.

As a curious fact, in the United Kingdom with a sum of 1,000,000 euros the biggest poker tournament in history was played.

The internet revolution has impacted on gambling

The internet has influenced the constant changes in human beings, since planning vacations or buying through a click is now easier than previously thought, and since gambling cannot be left behind, you can also enjoy online betting.

In 2009 the global online games market reached the sum of $20 billion, today these online games have achieved a growth of $50 billion, which means more than double the GDP of the United States.

For 10 years, from the comfort of your home, you have been able to play a variety of live bets. Stock market games inspired by real casinos, for the year 2009 could be played from home.

The casino industry and its forecasts

According to reports shown by the financial giants of the gambling market, they point out trends that certify that casino games represent 60% of total revenues (GVC Holdings PLC or 888 Holdings and stations).

For 2017, 888 Holdings had an EBITDA of $107.1M, which represents an extra 10% and is distributed as follows:

  • 10% B2B
  • 9% Poker
  • 60% Casino
  • 15% Sport
  • 6% Bingo

The casino industry expects considerable growth between $50 billion to $70 billion, which translates into annual growth of nothing more and nothing less than 6.7% CAGR.

The main objective of this industry is to focus on the mechanisms necessary to provide security and clean games, as well as complete changes to the mobile offer.

You do not need to leave home to live a real brick and mortar casino experience since you can play through your computer or mobile device. This is essential for the casino industry to achieve complete satisfaction in you.

What is the interest in renewing casino games?

Several causes have influenced, to make a series of renovations in the gaming industry in this year 2022:

  • Celebrities such as renowned stars and athletes, included in television marketing campaigns.
  • Promotions, prizes, and new games included in the market as part of its development.
  • The interest in betting on millions of people, following annual sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup.
  • Regulations issued to create legal places for online casino games, as did the United Kingdom or Spain, obtaining an annual growth of 8%.
  • Mobile customers can enjoy online casino games offered by providers, and this provides ease when betting.


Currently, through the web, you can bet on anything, which is why the casino industry must reinvent and renew itself every year.

Bets are always present among a group of friends, whether to know which sports team will win, which will be the next president or who will win some competition transmitted on television, the fact is that it is very common that at any time a bet is present.

Through the different secure online gambling casinos, you will have the opportunity to have fun through the discovery of a variety of games without having to leave home, since from your own mobile device you can do it and win real money.

If you are going on a trip there is no problem, less if your next trip has been planned to a city that has the most impressive casinos in the world such as, Las Vegas, where you will live a unique experience.

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