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Do you like online casinos? Learn how to play Baccarat

Many online casino players want to try some new game with a greater degree of complexity than poker or slot machines, and as they begin to win and feel experts in these games, they want to experience even more in gambling with another level of play and, if this is your case, the Baccarat game can be an attractive and exciting option with greater difficulty.

In this game are three possibilities in its results: either the banker wins or the player wins, or there is a tie. Another important observation is that you will not have to do much to play since the dealer is responsible for executing the entire game.

In order for you to become an expert, as in all online casino games, you must know the rules, conditions of the game, and some basic definitions, which are going to be mentioned below:

To begin, it is important that you know that in this game you can bet well either because you are the player, the banker or because there is a draw.


Cards like the king, queen and 10 are equal to a value of zero, while two to nine have their own value. In this way, at the beginning of the game the faces are distributed above the cards, two are given for the player and two for the banker, and the hand that is closest to nine, either on the side of the banker or player, is the one that wins.

If the letters exceed the value of nine, you must add both and remove one of the digits to have a number, and with that number follow.

This applies to cases where the sum of the cards gives results greater than nine, an example of this an 8 and a 7, the sum results in a 15, if you remove the first digit, you would have the value of 5 for the game.

But then you bring you other information so you can learn to play Baccarat as an expert inonline casinos:

  1. In the cards received by the player and the banker, the sum gives a result that can be 8 or 9, both win.
  2. In a play, if the player does not bet, the banker must obtain a total of 5 on the cards or less.
  3. There is the option that the player can have another hand in the game, this happens if the player has a total of 5, if not, he should not continue playing for the next round.
  4. If at the end of the bet there is a tie as a result, the payment is eight to one, so it is important that the score is

As in any game, the house has an advantage of winning that in this case is approximately 14.5%, which translates into a fairly high percentage. If you translate this value into the Baccarat game, the player’s bets and those made by the banker only have a 1.30 percent chance of winning with respect to the value mentioned for the house.

From this, you can deduce that the player has 1.30 points for every 100 points he makes in bets, and this includes the banker in the same proportion in the game. In this game, the tie bet can make you lose more money since you lose 14.5 points for every 100 points you bet, so it can be a somewhat risky bet.

On the other hand, betting on the side of the banker can also have its advantages, since, with a percentage of profit attributed to 50% of the times you bet, it represents a fairly good percentage for the players most likely to win.

That is why it is recommended that you start your bets with the banker option, since if you start winning with this option you can continue betting higher amounts on bets with a higher chance of winning. The moment you lose, consider the change to bet as a player.

Based on this, the best tips for playing baccarat in online casinos can be summarized as follows:

1.- Do not place the bet on a draw unless you are an expert

In this bet, the chance of winning the house is much greater than what you have as a player or banker, with 14.4%, which can mean that you can lose 14.4 points out of every 100 points you bet. If you are not an expert in blackjack, this can mean a significant loss of money with respect to the other possibilities.

In the case of betting on the banker, you can have an advantage over the house of 1.06%, while the player has 1.24%, your safest option is to bet on the banker, where you can only lose 1.06 points by every 100 points you bet.

2.- Your best option, bet on the banker

With a probability of winning 50 percent of the times you play, the banker represents your best option to start playing baccarat in online casinos. This is why for beginner players in this game; this may represent their best option.

3.- Continue betting with the banker until you start losing

As you are looking to get the most profit, you should go for the safest, and as mentioned above the banker is your best option. If you start winning with this bet, you can continue betting so that you increase and experience your winnings, and with your high percentage (50%), you are almost certain to win repeatedly.

But as they say out there, in gambling there is nothing certainand careful not to overdo it with the amount in your bets; gradually study your possibilities before sharply increasing them.

You should keep in mind that although this may represent your best option to start winning, the house still has a percentage of advantage in the game, and this advantage can appear in any of the bets you make. And since you cannot decipher or predict when the house will start to win, you must be careful not to suffer large losses that can affect the rest of your bets and experiences in the game.

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